So I made it thru my first few days in the mtc! Everything is great, I love it here! My doryo (companion) is Gazdik shimai, she has a twin sister going to fukuoka, it is so awesome!! I have learned so much, my first day they started throwing japanese at us, not gonna lie it is pretty overwhelming, but I know this work is true and as i continue to perservere the Lord will bless me. The spirit here is incredible, the leaders and teachers are inspired you can feel their love for us  and the passion they have for this gospel, it is subarachi (great)! 🙂 kamisama wa watashitachi no ten no otosama. kamisama wa anata o ai shite imasu. Iesu kirisuto wa watashitachi no sukuinushi desu. kono oshie shinjitsu to taetetsu desu. <—-this is a simple testimony i was able to share in my first lesson with the investigator we had on our 3rd day, i had no idea what was going on, but I know these things to be true and that was a ll I was able to say. I can pray and say a few words in Japanese! Even though half the time i am totally lost and have no idea what is being said and my brain is being fried with the amount of information being input, I LOVE life, I Love this gospel, I love my companion, i love my district, i love the gospel and I especially love my heavenly father and Savior!!! I wish you could see and feel the amazing spirit here, i honestly can feel dad so strong, mom. I get so frustrated with myself about the language, my doryo already knows basic japanese and understands most everything, so its frustrating for me to try and keep up and contribute to the companionship, but I know it will come with time, patience, obedience and a whole lot of faith!!! Our schedules are crazy packed from studying, to language study, to gym,it is awesome how productive it is, we dont get back til 9:30 and by that time we are beat but when i go to lay down for bed my mind is spinning with all that I learn and a bunch of japanese, so it takes a lil while to fall asleep, but im pretty sure its just the first week jitters.Nothing has ever felt so right in my life, I feel like I have a great purpose here and it is marvelous to be apart of something greater than myself.   Man it is a fine time to be a member of this beautiful church! Church is true, the book is blue and I still cant speak Nihongo yet haha but I will continue to work hard! I love you all! 🙂
Ai shiteru! 
Wilson Shimai
First MTC Picture
First MTC Picture – Sister Gazdik & Sister Wilson

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