We are all Enlisted….Happy Are We!! :)

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Konnichiwa Kazoku,

This week has gone by crazy fast in the mtc, the senkyoshi (missionaries) ahead of us say the days drag but the weeks fly by and they are so right! The mtc has been a blast! The missionaries who welcomed us, the daisumpai are leaving on Tuesday, its crazy to think we will soon be the big kids welcoming the new missionaries, but every wednesday is such a treat to see all the new missionaries come in and they look so bright eyed and bushy tailed and they are so excited to get to work! So we get to go to temple every week on P-Day and it is the best!! Last week was our first time, and I LOVE the provo temple, it was so beautiful and I felt such peace there, it was such a blessing to attend!

My district is amazing, there are 10 of us and we have gotten really close over the last few weeks!! Every saturday we play beach volleyball on the sand courts and it has been a blast, I have also come to know that I am terrible at volleyball, but i am grateful to be myself and enjoy the work with them! My companions name is Gazdik shimai, she is from LA and is so sweet, she has been such a blessing to me and has helped me a ton with the language, she is very patient with me and has helped me to grow so much! It is amazing how the gospel of Jesus Christ truly unifies people, she and I are so different, but when it comes down to the gospel and as we plan and study for investigators or just in general we become so how you say Icchi (unified)! It is such a beautiful thing, the gospel is amazing that way!  🙂 I love the shimaitachi in our residence hall, we have become super tight, Eyring shimai and Roberston shimai are in our room and they are both so sweet and fun! Eyring shimai and I have already planned out when we become companions out on the mission field, we might be getting a lil ahead of ourselves…(and she is Pres Eyring’s granddaughter, everyone and their dog always asks her about her relation) haha We have awesome MTC teachers, Ellsworth and Gauthier Kyodai! They are so patient with us and have such a passion for the work and it really emulates from their teaching! They have helped me to really exert myself in Nihongo and it has helped a ton! It is amazing how the Lord is so in tune and really does help and answer prayers, every question or weakness that I have had has been answered by either a lesson shared or an experience with someone, man I am so blessed! 🙂
Sundays really are the best, this past sunday we watched the Testaments, my fave movie, and everytime it is so beautiful, I cry everytime, the mission has made me into an even bigger softy! But i was thinking about when Helam cries and feels as though he has lost his son Jacob during the death of the Savior and he cries unto the Lord and asks for his guidance and then immediately goes straight into all of the chaos and madness to rescue one person, his son. It reminded me of two things, one that the Lord does just as Helam does and pleads on our behalf and he goes out to rescue us because he loves each of us! Also it sparked a thought that I need to be like Helam and cry unto the Lord on behalf of all those that I need to find to teach the gospel, and I need to be willing to exert myself and go straight into the chaotic world and go after that one person that is in dire need of the gospel! It was great to watch the testaments and see it from another perspective! 🙂 Justin, you are gonna LOVE sundays, I cannot wait til you come and can experience them for yourself! We also had a district meeting on Sunday which we discussed Faith in The Atonement and discussed how we are utilizing it in our lives now and how we can better utilize it in our lives and the lives of our investigators. I talked about how the atonement is a source of hope and comfort and how it enriches our lives and how we need to communicate this to our investigators, so they are not limited in thinking the atonement is a redemptive power but a comfort and strength to each of us.
We were so so so so so blessed this week on Tuesday night devotional to hear from Elder Quinton L. Cook! Everything he said was exactly what I needed to hear at that time, it brought such peace to my heart! Well Sister Cook talked about how there are such simple gospel truths contained in the primary songs, but they are powerful none the less! As she talked I thought of my teaching in Nihongo, the gospel is so amazing and I want to teach so much at once and want them to know it all because it is all so good, but this helped me to put things into perspective and realize that I can communicate all that I want them to know in simple phrasing and it can still have a powerful impact. It was humbling to realize that it is ok to keep things simple and truthfully, sometimes simple is better! (mom that ones for you, its ok to simplify sometimes, i am my mothers daughter)  Elder Cook then talked and began his talk by saying do not feel concerned about feeling incapable.  He told us we are the message that these souls need to hear all around the world, he also told us that we are assigned not to be advertisement for the church or educate people about who and what we are, but we are to build wards and branches. When we come into a ward or branch we must decide now that we will leave them stronger than when we came. He told us we are capable to influence and entitled to touch hearts! He gave us all so much confidence and strength as he bore a powerful testimony of the Savior and his love for us! At the conclusion of his talk, he left us with a simple beautiful blessing. He blessed us that we will dismiss any feelings of inadequacy and each of us will accomplish every needful thing that needs to be accomplished. He also blessed us that our service will bless every person whom we love and will ever love, our family, friends, future spouse, and future posterity. He spoke of so much I wish I could fit it all in, but this pretty much sums it up! I know that the Lord has called and chosen the general authorities. I know that the twelve apostles are special witnesses of Christ and know him personally, it is awesome to be edified and uplifted by a true servant of the Lord.  I am so grateful the Lord blessed me with so many great blessings this week!
Ai shiteimasu,
Wilson Shimai

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