I’m Walking on Sunshine…Whoooooo oooohhhhh

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Konnichiwa tomodachi and kazoku!

This week, I have so much to be grateful for! So our district has been getting along great, we play beach volleyball on the sandcourts every thursday and saturday and it is so nice, its our lil splurge to enjoy summer. So our district is great, we have two “investigators” Morimoto-san and Hasegawa -san which are our teachers but it is cool because they impersonate actual investigators that they taught, it has been an awesome learning experience! It has helped my doryo and I realize strengths we have and try to work on that and also weaknesses that we can work on! I really enjoy the progressing investigator activities!! 🙂 Ok so funny story, when Gazdik shimai and I were teaching Hasegawa-san, we were teaching him the doctrine of Christ and she was explaining faith and as she taught, she said faith causes us to want to kill…our investigator was astonished!….What she meant to say was Faith causes us to want to act and leads us to repentance…We were very grateful for this learning experience and fortunate that this wasnt a real investigator! hahaha
We were so blessed with two wonderful devotional speakers, on Sunday we listened to Sheri Dew educate us on Grace. She discussed what is Grace, what can Grace do in our lives, and What can we do to access this grace in our lives. It was awesome, one thing that she said that really stood out to me was, if you are struggling, ‘Ask the Lord to teach/tutor you in the language of revelation.’ On Tuesday we were privileged to hear ffrom Elder M. Russell Ballard!! We got to hear from another apostle, it was amazing, he said a lot of really great things, but just to sum it all up he talked about how when we leave the MTC we will step into a lot of worldly noise, he told us to be aware of everything around us, he counseled us to, “Be wise as serpents and harmless as a dove.” He also told us “Keep your eyes on us (the authorities of the church) we cannot and will not lead you astray.” He repeated this twice, and I know that when a man of God repeats something, 1 You must always obey, and 2It is always important and is for our benefit, whether it be now or for future reference we need to always heed their counsel. I know that they can see a the bigger picture of things and I am so so grateful for the words of wisdom and encouragement. He and his wife were so sweet and encouraging to us, you could really feel their love, Man were we so blessed!! So on a side note, I am super grateful to be in the MTC now! So this upcoming week, the general authorities are all getting together here and training a bunch of new mission presidents, it is so awesome! So any of the missionaries here get to meet the mission presidents here and all of the apostles and the prophet will be here, which is pretty awesome because even at general conference one of them is not always there. MTC  is gonna be crazy busy, we wont even be able to eat at the regular cafe or go in the building because they will be using it for the mission president’s training.  We are not sure if we will get to see or hear from them cause they will be so busy, but still so awesome that they will be so close, right here, Eyring shimai is really hoping she will be able to see her grandpa and family. so excited!
So probably the best and most amazing experience that I have had here at MTC was during TRC (teaching resource center) on Monday, we normally meet with a member and share a short message with them. We met with a sweet lady named Kawaii and she is so cute, she had brought a non-member friend, her name was Mizue, who had never really known about the church, Gazdik Shimai and I were a lil scared not gonna lie. We had planned a short lesson about prophets to teach and started explaining to her about the prophets, but we both new we could not go by the lesson we had planned out, so we were moved by the spirit to turn the lesson and introduce Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon (Btw these lessons are only supposed to be 20 min, ours ended up lasting an hour, it was crazy hard to condense the gospel, cause there is so much good stuff!!). So we were kinda nervous, I was just nervous about my Nihongo, but we went with it, we explained to her a little about the restoration and the Book of Mormon, our lesson that Gauthier kyodai had taught us right before was inviting investigators to read the Book of Mormon and learning for themselves, how perfect, right?! So we read the last two paragraphs of the intro of book of Mormon with Mizue and the spirit was so strong. We excused ourself for a minute and told them we would go get a book for her, Gazdik shimai and I ran all around trying to locate a spare Book of Mormon in Nihongo somewhere, we were so frantic running around. We finally ran back to our classroom and Gazdik gave up the real nice ones that the MTC gave us and gave it as a gift to Mizue, it was awesome for her to read in her own native tongue and shhe was so grateful and shocked that we would give it to her! As we gave it to her, the spirit was so strong, Kawaii asked us to write our names and something small to her, I wrote the first thing that came to mind that I had conviction of, ‘Kamisama wa watashitachi no ten no otosama desu. Kamisama wa ai shiteimasu,’ All I could say was God is our heavenly father, and he loves you. As we gave it to her, Gazdik shimai and I bore our testimonies to her, I apologized and told her my nihongo is not good but I wanted to share something with her in english. Fortunately, she could understand some english. I told her my testimony of the Book of Mormon and promised her that as she read and prayed about it, she would feel of God’s love for her and the spirit would testify of its truthfulness, Gazdik shimai bore a beautiful testimony in Nihongo, we were both shaking, kawaii and I were both crying in both testimonies. The spirit was undoubtedly there, I was so grateful, Gazdik shimai and I were so grateful and thanked the Lord for blessing us with this experience and being able to meet Mizue. She plans on going to English classes with the church when she gets back to Fukuoka, she is a little nervous about church, but when we left, she started reading already, I was so grateful we were able to plant seeds of faith with her, she was such a beautiful spirit and we could feel the Love God had for her. Gazdik Shimai talked and it was awesome to feel a glimpse of what work we have in store for us! The gospel is truly beautiful and I am so blessed to be able to share this sweet message with my Nihojin brothers and sisters! 
Ai Shiteimasu
Wilson Shimai
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