Having a Bird’s and Worm’s Eye View


Konnichiwa Minasan!

This has been one awesome week! Thank you family and friends for all the Love shared during my birthday! 🙂 I could not imagine celebrating my golden birthday anywhere but here!Thank you all for making it so special, it was truly the best! My district helped celebrate with me, some of my fave chorotachi even gave me nice cards and candy. My birthday was great, we had a blast celebrating, but were sure to get down to business too! Thank you so much, Arigato gozaimasu!!!!
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So this week has been pretty sweet, here at MTC the general authorities have been training new mission presidents that have been called, and the spirit here has been wonderful with them here, even though we did not get to see them face to face. On Sunday we were studying outside (partially beacause we saw a car and many people guarding a door, so it had to be important right?) and during our study, we looked up and we witnessed the prophet, president eyring and President Uchtdorf walking out and we watched the prophet get into the car, it was really short but oh so sweet, President Eyring and Uchtdorf lingered outside for a bit and not trying to look like we were spying or anything, we just smiled and they gave us the sweetest smiles and walked back into the building. It was but a short moment, but Gazdik Shimai and I felt lucky to be at the right place at the right time to simply see them and their genuine smiles! On Sunday night, we were privileged to hear from Sister Janice Kapp Perry and her husband and boy were they a hoot! They both gave beautiful testimonies of the importance of our work and even shared a family song she had written with all of her family singing and it was just darling! Ok side story, she was explaining how she and her husband met and they had a few music classes together but had never talked, but on the last day of one of her music classes she was preparing for her clarinet solo and then someone next to her nudged her and said “those lips look like they were made for more than just playing the clarinet,” everyone started laughing and then he got up with a huge grin on his face and kissed her right there at the pulpit, everyone just about died! She then said Pres. Nally said to have fun with ’em, so we did! It was cute, we then sang a medley of primary hymns and it was beautiful, the one that really hit home was Love is Spoken Here, “I see my mother kneeling, with our family each day. I hear the words she whispers as she bows her head to pray. Her Plea to the Father, quiets all my fears, and I am thankful, Love is Spoken Here.” I remembered uncle nela’s firesides and how he would emphasize to the youth that he knows our mothers plead with the father on our behalf. I know this to be true, Mom I am so grateful for you, I know that through your prayers and all my other mamas prayers, I am strengthened, so thank you! I love you so much! We ended the devo singing the classic efy medley of WE’ll Bring the World his truth and As Sisters in Zion, but last year Janice Kapp perry rewrote the song for the sisters to apply to this new wave of missionary work (I will send you the lyrics, they are beautiful!) As we sang, people from the back slowly started to stand, and it rippled and the mtc presidency rose and we were all singing, mom I wish you could have seen how beautiful it was! It was so moving! I am grateful to be apart of this great work!
On Tuesday we were privileged to hear from Elder Christofferson, and seated on the stand were  Elders Russell M. Nelson, Dallin H. Oaks, Neil L. Andersen, M.Russell Ballard, and David A. Bednar, along with a few other quorum of the seventy members. He bore a powerful testimony of Christ and how as missionaries we need to realize that we are not walking amongst mere people, but heirs and future kings and priestesses. He taught us that we need to look at the m through the Lord’s eyes and not our own, through charity they will feel of our love and God’s love for them. They will then feel of their divine potential and as we cultivate this spirit with them, they will desire to do what they can to achieve it. What great power we have to help these people! He also told us we need to be aware of our divine potential and be willing to work towards it daily. It was an awesome meeting, and almost felt  like a mini conference seeing all of the general authorities seated upon there.
On Wednesday we finally got to host the new missionaries and it was amazing!!! It was a lil emotional in the beginning to see all of these families and mothers sobbing and it brought me back to when I left my family, but as soon as we received these vibrant new missionaries and they are already to go to work it puts things back into perspective and I know I am moving the Lord’s work and am so grateful for this incredible opportunity! I met this sweet girl named sis jones, she has lived a tough life, she shared with me her conversion story and it touched my heart, I was grateful the Lord allowed me to meet her and listen to her testimony, I was with her for less than 15 min and she helped strengthen my testimony, I am so grateful for the people the Lord blesses in our lives to help us grow and learn from! In class Ellsworth kyodai taught us to have a bird’s eye view (God’s perspective) and a worm’s eye view (our or investigators perspective) It is important to know how each feels in order to be effective in the conversion process not only for the investigators we teach, but for our own personal conversions. If my daddy were here, I would tell him I am fully committed to my conversion! Ellsworth Kyodai gave great counsel on how we can teach to our investigators through inspired questions and receiving revelation through the spirit! I am so grateful to be here and for all the support and Love from everyone!
Ai shiteimasu!
Wilson Shimai
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