Ichinichi juu mainichi‏



Time in the MTC is flying by waaayyyy too fast, tomorrow we will be receiving our flight plans and itinerary for when we leave on the 28th. Most people think we would be tired of the mtc after 8 weeks, but honestly I love the mtc!! To be surrounded by so many elders and sisters working towards the same cause is a beautiful experience, and I know I will never have an experience like his ever again, so I have tried my best to really enjoy every minute, the good and bad times have all been for my greater benefit! I have learned so much here and have created incredible friendships and truly have learned of my Savior from my experience here, I will be so sad to leave!I have become so acquainted here and have loved many of the missionaries I have met here,… But I know, “there is no growing in a comfort zone and no comfort in a growing zone.” (I learned that from guides! 🙂 I know pretty soon the Lord needs me to continue to grow elsewhere and I am truly so grateful for the opportunities and experiences he has allowed me to progress. 

Ok so last week the temple was closed, so we did not go to a session, but we were privileged to be able to clean the temple and it was one of my most favorite experiences being here. So all of the shimaitachi went into a couple of the sealing rooms and we got to clean the chandeliers (Best Experience and Scariest Experience EVER!!!) So while we cleaned, we had to take out each individual crystal and individually polish each piece and then very carefully reassemble it back together. Gazdik shimai and I were so scared of dropping a piece or moving anything out of place, we were very cautious the entire time. There were about 4 of us working on the chandelier at a time and while we did so we had to trust and communicate constantly with each other to make sure we were always in sync. As we did so, we all talked about how God is so precise in every part of his plan, if he is this precise in cleaning his chandeliers for the temple, imagine how precise and careful he is for each of us! While we cleaned, we tried to be as silent as we could be because the spirit there was very sweet and while I cleaned, I learned a lot about missionary work, the temple really is a wonderful place to learn so much, even when you’re busy cleaning!! While we carefully took apart each crystal and cleaned and refined each piece, we put them each in their appropriate and exact spot. While we did so, I thought about how as missionaries, we are refining God’s crystals (or his children) we take special care of each of them and help them to become refined and we help them see their place or spot in God’s plan (or chandelier). Each piece is significant and plays a special role, and not one crystal is out of place, for they all belong. Just as many of us sisters had to work together and support one another in our efforts and had to be in sync or we could not get the job done right, in the church we all need to be equally yoked and be anxiously working towards a great cause! I was so grateful for the sweet spirit that touched our hearts when we were in the temple! When we finished up, the temple workers wanted all of the sisters to see the bridal room. It was so beautiful, while we were in there Gazdik Shimai and I were hugging and we looked into one of the rooms, and then Gazdik shimai and I got all sappy and I told her how in a few years we will be in the LA bride room for her wedding! Hahaha…I am really grateful for my doryo, she is one of the most hardworking people I know, she does not waste a minute, she already knows Nihongo, but has never slacked off and continues to expand her knowledge and encourages me to exert myself more! She has been so patient with me and always tries to help me in Nihongo and everyday, when we are walking in between meals or class, or doing service, she does not let me take a break and will quiz me on Nihongo. I am grateful to her and teaching me diligent work ethic, she is amazing! 
On Sunday Gazdik shimai and I taught our district lesson on, Enduring to The End and we focused on the fact that ETTE is the process of becoming what the Lord wants us to be, becoming more spiritually refined, and learning from experiences to help strengthen our testimonies in Jesus Christ. We shared a portion of Thomas S. Monson’s talk from last conference, “I will never forsake thee.” It is an amazing talk, I encourage everyone to read it! An overlaying theme was, ‘Shall I Falter or Shall i Finish?’ From Pres. Monson’s talk. Our district was great and shared a lot of really great insight! WE walked to the Marriott center for Sunday Devo because the gym is getting redone and we don’t all fit. Bro. Heaton, talked about Charity and how it is not something we manufacture, but a gift we must ask God for. I set a goal to work on this Christ-Like attribute, I sure can use some more! 
So this week, on Monday, we spoke only Nihongo until after dinner and boy was it rough! I was reminded of a scripture, Ether 12:6 “you receive a witness until after the trial of faith,” I received a witness that I am really grateful to express myself in English. I still have a long way to go with my Nihongo, but am grateful for my experience to know what I need more improvement on. Yesterday, we had TRC and got to skype people who spoke Japanese. Gazdik shimai and I skyped Ikuwa kyodai who actually lives in Orme and I am pretty sure he is from Hawaii, but speaks fluent Nihongo and it was a great and interesting experience! It was a lil weird at first teaching over skype, but were still able to connect and feel a the spirit as we taught. Ikuwa kyodai actually sings in MO TAB so it was way cool to talk to him a bit! We talked about how we can receive revelation through church attendance. We shared 3 Nephi 18:4 and talked about how we are filled with the spirit and how the Lord can better communicate his will to us when we are in tune and filled by his spirit and at the end of the verse it talks about how we are commanded to fill others after we are filled. It is not enough for us to enjoy our blessings of the gospel, but how much happier we can be when we fill others with the spirit of Christ through sharing the gospel. I was never really great at sharing the gospel more before my mission, but do hope that each of you will try to share the gospel with at least one person. 
I love you all and am grateful for the many prayers and support given on my behalf! 
Ai shite imasu!
Wilson Shimai 

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