I’m So Fancy, You already Know, I’m in the Fast Lane From Provo to Tokyo!!! :)

 My fave Futagos!!! I will be so sad to leave them!!!! 😦



My heart is so full this week, I cannot believe I am in my final week at the MTC, my experience here has gone over and beyond my expectations! I am grateful for the blessing that the MTC has been to me! I have truly loved and learned so much, while being here! This email will be fairly shorter than my other emails, we are getting in crunch time and have a lot of packing to do! Ok so brief recap of what has happened this week: Ok so every sunday we have to prepare a short 4 minute talk on a topic all in Nihongo and the brach presidency announces who will speak at the pulpit, so everyone must be ready and prepared. And lo and behold I was the tribute this week, I was so nervous, I felt as though I should be at a certain point by now in my Nihongo to give a great talk, but right before I went up, I said a short prayer in my heart that the congregation would feel the spirit despite my lack of Nihongo. So I did not speak perfectly, but I could feel the spirit so strong and realized  I did not need to speak to their understanding of their minds, but needed to focus on speaking to the understanding of their hearts. I bore a testimony of what I knew to be true on the Book of Mormon and I felt so much comfort in that moment. It was great practice for Japan!  
We had a great devotional with T.C. Christensen, he made 17 Miracles, Ephraim’s Rescue, The Joseph Smith and Emma Smith movies, and helped with The Testaments. He was awesome! He told us of his experience researching the pioneers and showed us clips of the movies and the deeper meaning behind them! Man it was great! One thing he said that really stuck out to me was, “GREAT THINGS CAN HAPPEN WHEN PREPARATION MEETS OPPORTUNITY” (You can put this as my subject title mommy, i feel like this would be more appropriate!! ) It perfectly embodies missionary work, my preparation is meeting the opportunity of entering into the mission field!
Our teachers have done an amazing job getting us geared up and ready for the field, One day Gauthier Kyodai was talking ot us and he shared Helaman 5:6-7. This scripture was great, it talked about how we need to honor the names that have been given to us. It made me reflect on my badge and how I am proud to bear the two most important things in my life which are Christ and this church, and my family. In honor of the pioneers (since it is pioneer day today) I am proud to come from such a rich heritage of this church, even though I did not have ancestors cross the plains.  I will always be grateful for their hard work and sacrifice. I am grateful and proud to be apart of a great family heritage of grandparents and parents who taught the importance of the gospel and its principles and emphasized that our goal is to be an eternal family. I am proud to bear the name of our church boldly and bear and carry my family name with me, for without these two things in my life, I am nothing. From this church and my family, I know where I come from, who I am now and what I am working towards becoming. I am grateful for the Lord and His consistent help, He has blessed me in these past two months. 
Domo Arigato Gozaimasu for all of the Love and support you have all given. Your prayers have strengthened me, thank you!
Ai shite imasu!
Wilson Shimai
Some of the crazy fun people I have met! Love em!

2 thoughts on “I’m So Fancy, You already Know, I’m in the Fast Lane From Provo to Tokyo!!! :)”

  1. Hi Sis. Wilson! We’re so happy and proud of you! Sad we missed you before you left. But I know you’re in the Lord’s hands. Know you are in our prayers and are confident that you will be a force to be reckoned with in God’s Army. Thank you for being such a wonderful example. I’m so glad we got to spend a little time with you in April. Love you so much.

    Aunty Sinela and Uncle Carl


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