Going on week five and woo hoo I’m alive?…‏

Such a blessing to be here!!! I LOVE THE TEMPLE ESPECIALLY THE TOKYO TEMPLE!!!!!!!
Such a blessing to be here!!! I LOVE THE TEMPLE ESPECIALLY THE TOKYO
Hello Everyone,

This has been another great week in Yamate! I went on my first split with Kawajo Shimai in Kamiooka (land of the hills...literally) and it was great, she had to train me on Facebook, it's so amazing how the Lord is hastening the work through all of this technology, i struggle to keep up with how fast it all is moving. But we did some street contacting in a nearby park, met a lot of adorable families and were able to talk to them. Then we met a Chinese man with his family who immediately had all of this insight on religion and how everyone is wrong and it's all about perspective with religion and talked on and
on. I wasn't sure what was even being said some of the time. But then Kawajo Shimai whipped out the Book of Mormon and a questions of the soul flyer (basically a sheet explaining common questions people have about life and where in the Book of Mormon we can find answers). She asked if he had any of these questions before he was silent pondering them for awhile and I really hadn't said anything other than そうですか (is that so?) which has been my go to phrase this week and I felt like I should ask him a question but was not sure what to ask. So I simply said, "If God's true gospel was here on the earth, would you want to hear about it?" He sat there for a minute and then said something I couldn't make out and then said, yeah and accepted the Book of Mormon. He said he would read it and return it to the church when he finished and Kawajo Shimai took down his info to meet again, it was a great experience!

This week I have mastered the art of appropriate head nodding and when to laugh and when to use そうですね (is that so) and how to mirror and match the feelings of the person I am talking with. I am beginning to think The Lord called me to serve in the Tokyo South Mission of Japan and preach the gospel in the language of charades, because I do more hand signals than I can speak Japanese haha! Ok, so this week as we have been walking and riding around. We greet people and usually they will say "Hi" back or smile, but this week when we walked around I told Nakamura Shimai people aren't smiling as much anymore and aren't
as friendly as they were when I first got here. She simply said they're not, because you're not. I thought about that and realized I mirrored the way people talked to me and I gave out whatever they were giving to me. I thought about how if they were mirroring me, then I did not like what I was portraying. I changed my attitude and tried to be more positive that day and do and be more happy and it's amazing how it made a difference. As we were out and about the people were just as friendly as I remembered them when I first got here. Small lesson, but honto ni taisetsu (really important). Basically if you're not liking what's coming at you, look inside and see what you need to change before you try to change the world. Positivity is key my friends.

We have been meeting with a lot of less actives and doing magi lessons. This week Nakamura Shimai and I have been praying to find another investigator but between going to and from places our time always seems to be cut in half so by the end of the week we hadn't found anyone. We had a great Sunday with the Yamate ward and we mingled for a bit with the ward members and we were getting ready to leave when we decided to double check the upstairs to make sure everything was turned off and that the kitchen upstairs was clean, so we went upstairs straightened things up and went down stairs and two Filipina girls walked in asking about when church was starting, we apologized and said sorry church had finished, we talked for awhile and found out one of them was a member and the other was not and was really interested in the church. Bishop hadn't left yet, so they were able to meet Bishop and his wife and they're awesome, gave them Sunday School manuals and directories and told them everything. We then gave them a church tour and they loved it! The spirit was so strong. We sat in the chapel and the friend who is a member wanted to sing the songs she remembered so we sang 'Count Your Many Blessings' and 'I Am a Child of God'. I talked to the sweet sister who wasn't a member and she was feeling the spirit very strong and said how she felt different and she had been to other churches but felt peaceful. We gave them a Bible and Book of Mormon and hope to meet with them next Sunday, they both have crazy schedules during the week but had made the trip to come over on their only day off. It was a wonderful tender mercy and I am
so glad The Lord helped us be in the right place at the right time! I love you all, thank you for the prayers!

Wilson Shimai

The Filippinas we met after church

Yep this is my life!!!!!!!! Hahaha met a couple of really sweet girls waiting for a gamers concert!! And it was straight girls no men!!! #cray #thisishowedoitJapan
Yep this is my life!!!!!!!! Hahaha met a couple of really sweet girls
waiting for a gamers concert!! And it was straight girls no men!!!
#cray #thisishowedoitJapan

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