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So this week has been wonderful, each week gets better and better! Last Tuesday, we were able to go to the temple and feel such great peace and comfort there, the Tokyo temple is beautiful. It was such a treat to be able to feel so much comfort and peace in the house of The Lord. When I returned home I was sad to hear of my uncle's passing and my heart ached for my Moa cousins. We had a mogi lesson that day with a ward member and were practicing teaching the Plan of Salvation, so preparing for the lesson I thought of my family even more. The lesson went all right, but I felt like I struggled harder with Japanese than
in any other lesson. I went home emotionally drained and wanted to just sleep, Nakamura Shimai noticed something was up and asked me what was going on and I was able to talk to her and let her know about my family and she was such a sweet support. We talked for a bit and started getting ready for bed and Miskin Shimai called. She said she wanted to talk to me and I was so confused as to why, we had just seen each other that morning at the temple. But we started talking and she said she wanted to see how I have been doing and that she had been thinking about me. She asked me about my progression and then asked how my family was doing. I knew Miskin Shimai from BYUH and she was so sincere and has such love for everyone. I started telling her about my family and she was able to offer comfort and support. I felt so
blessed that night. I saw her Sunday night and asked her why she had called that night and she told me that morning that she had prayed and
committed to follow any prompting of the spirit, she said that she felt impressed to call me and say and ask me how I was. I know that in this gospel, there are never any coincidences, when we choose to follow The Lord and listen carefully to the spirit. We are able to recognize God's hand in our lives. I know that through Sister Miskin, I could feel The Lord reaching out to me and letting me know he is mindful of me. I was amazed and felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I am so grateful that she was listening to the spirit and was able to be an instrument in the Lord's hand and lend comfort where it was needed. I am so grateful for The Lord and know He is mindful of each of us. Through others in our lives, He blesses us and we are able to feel His
love and comfort. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father, who knows and loves me enough to let me feel His love and sympathy through the love of a friend. I know that even greater than feeling the love of God. Is how awesome it is for someone to be a vessel for The Lord and help others to feel of His love through each of us.
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Sister Emi Miskins
We had a zone meeting and a zone blitz in which our zone gathered together and we split up into groups and dendoed (did missionary work) around Yamate by housing, streeting and offering church tours to anyone who passed by. So a little miracle. Nakamura Shimai and Fugue Shimai met a sweet lady named S-San and she said she was interested in English and would come to eikaiwa (English class) on Wednesday. They invited her to our outreach program on Friday. Well Friday came
around and Nakamura Shimai and I were busy baking pizzas, when she walked in. We had a great day with her and many other missionaries from other zones attended and brought investigators and the night turned out to be a success! Well the next day as we were biking, Nakamura Shimai felt prompted to go a different route to the park we
would dendo (do missionary work) in and we saw S-San along the way. We talked to her and I invited her to church. She said she knew a little
about Mormons and actually studied English for a couple of months in Utah and is very interested in religion. She came to church! We were able to have her take part in a little bit of sacrament and I prayed and she was very amazed by prayer. We were able to talk a bit about prayer and how we can communicate with God. She really liked it
and went to Sunday school with us and it was great to have her there and feel the spirit. She was so grateful to be there and wants to meet up again. Nakamura Shimai and I were so grateful for this tender miracle this week!

So I Love Yamate!!! This morning at 6:30 we had a special prayer meeting at church and they read the dedicatory prayer and told of how Heber J. Grant prayed and dedicated Japan for missionary work. So in 1901, Heber J. Grant came here and went into the woods and with three other missionaries (Louis A. Kelsch, Horace S. Ensign, Alma O. Taylor) here, they knelt in prayer and prayed fervently to The Lord on behalf of the Japanese people. According to Alma O. Taylor, he had never heard a more powerful prayer and shared some of the things they prayed for. They asked that the seed of Nephi would help bring God's word to the Japanese people and that they would help further this work. This is what Pres. Grant said about Japan, “I have an abiding faith that
this is to be one of the most successful missions ever established in the Church. It is going to be slow work at first, but the harvest is to be something great and will astonish the world in years to come.” After serving as the first mission president in 1901-1903, Heber J. Grant had only seen two baptisms. But looking at how far the church has come in Japan since then, I am amazed. I know that The Lord is mindful of the
Japanese people, I have felt his love for the Japanese people. I am so so grateful for The Lord's trust in me to help bring them unto Him. I
know that Pres. Grant's prophecy for the people of this land is being fulfilled as we are working to hasten the Lord's work. I know that the great army of missionaries that The Lord has here on the earth is carrying his gospel to all across the world. And I know that on the other side of the veil, those that have passed are helping further the work too. I know that they are working hard to help others receive this restored gospel and it gives me even greater incentive to work harder. I am so proud and grateful to labor here in Japan and help spread the work of The Lord. I cannot thank each of you enough for your prayers and love, they help strengthen me so much! I love you all!!


Wilson Shimai
ウイルソン 姉妹




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Sweet rie chun




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