“Both a Little Scared, Neither One Prepared, Trainer and Trainee” (sung to the tune of Beauty and the Beast)‏




Konnichiwa family and friends!

In honor of the end of my first transfer I figured I would give a shout out to my awesome trainer, Nakamura Shimai. She has taught me so much and I am so grateful to be with her and learn from her. My first few weeks here, she would sing "both a little scared, neither one prepared, trainer and trainee" (sung to the tune of Beauty and the Beast, before bed for a couple nights). She is so funny and has taught me to really be sensitive to the spirit and constantly look for those we need to teach around us. Even if it means stopping in the middle of fast moving streets and turn around and go back a block or two. While we awaited the anticipated first transfer calls, I was secretly hoping/praying I would stay in Yamate, one because I really love my ward and am beginning to work really well with them, and because I felt like I had not done everything I came to do and was not leaving Yamate better than I had found it. In the MTC Elder Ballard counseled us, That one of the most important things we can do each transfer is to
strengthen the members and leave each ward stronger than you found it. So that's what I plan to work extra hard on this transfer. Oh and by
the way transfer call came in and I'm staying in Yamate with Nakamura Shimai. Transfer calls are so fun, I got to talk to my mtc doryo Gazdik Shimai, I love her so much, and she's doing awesome in Hachioji!

Hope everyone is doing well! This past week was the last week of the transfer, and it flew by just as fast as it came! Last p-day we had a zone pday at a beach in Kamiooka and planned to play volleyball. Well it dumped rain on us hard, but we still played and it was great. We had a ton of fun playing in the rain and even tossed around Elder Young's rugby ball!

We have been having a bunch of role play lessons to help me and I love our ward so much. They help me improve and gain more confidence in Nihongo! We also did some service at one of our eikaiwa students spas and helped her translate some of her greetings. It was super fancy and so relaxing, I was so relaxed receiving a tour of the place. Ok so crazy, awesome miracle happened with this eikaiwa student, k-San. So Nakamura Shimai and I went to dendo at Sankeien Gardens. We were able to talk to a lot of people and as we walked around, we ran into k-San and her friend and talked to them about eikaiwa. We were then
able to introduce the Book of Mormon to them and they both accepted a copy. It was such a miracle to be able to meet with them.

One of our church members, Jenny Shimai is a phenomenal member missionary. She introduces us to many of her friends and has helped us as being a member present at a few of our lessons. She's awesome! This week we were able to meet Ken San, who is from Japan, but lived for awhile in San Pedro, California. I was so excited and was able to talk about California with him and shout out to my mama from Carson! :) lol but we invited him to our outreach program and he came! He bore a
wonderful testimony of God and Jesus Christ and his beliefs about the world and how he is impressed by Mormons. He said he's seen them all
around and seen how peaceful they all are especially the youth. So GG youth, as a missionary I'm not just asking, but pleading with you to continue being great examples to all around you. Your influence and impact on those you don't even know is so powerful and hopefully if it is a good influence, you can help missionaries like me bring them unto Christ and you won't have even known you did anything. I'm sure all those youth that Ken San saw didn't know he saw goodness from their examples but because of them, a doorway has been opened into his heart
and we as missionaries are able to help people like Ken San come closer unto Christ. I want to give a huge thank you to all the virtuous youth who remain faithful and righteous to the church
teachings and standards and help missionary work move forward, I love you all! So the elders will take over teaching Ken San, I was a little bummed because he was awesome, but he is in good hands with the elders.

Ok so prayer has been on my mind a lot this week, it's inevitable haha. Missionaries are always praying, and I love it! But since being here in Japan I have been so fortunate to work with so many members and nonmembers, and less actives and am so humbled by their sweet prayers asking to help me with Japanese, I can feel great strength and power from their prayers as well as all of my friends and family back home. One thing I noticed about the Japanese people is when they pray, after closing, they remain still and don't move for a brief moment and then they're back to normal. So I asked my companion why she and many others do this and she said well if you're praying and asking what's the point in asking and talking so much if you don't wait to hear an
answer. She says many of them pause for a moment to wait for answers or just acknowledge God whom they just prayed for. I thought about when Elder Andersen talked ago to us in the MTC about the spirit and at the close of the meeting instead of just getting up and being ushered out, he paused and waited and allowed the spirit to really sink in. After his message I thought how can I better allow the spirit to work in me and not be so quick to get to the next appointment. I am so grateful for the Japanese people and the many lessons I have learned through their humble examples and strong faith. I love them and am so grateful for the opportunity to serve them and my Heavenly Father. I know that prayer is a direct communication with our Heavenly Father and just
like any loving parent, He loves to hear about us and our lives, our joys and struggles. Through this powerful tool, we can understand what the Lord expects of us and therefore get to work on becoming refined sons and daughters of a loving, heavenly being. I love you all, thank you for your heartfelt prayers and support, they truly do strengthen and bless me!

Ai shite imasu

Wilson shimai
ウイルソン 姉妹

Sankeien gardens was legit






Traditional Japanese wear
 image[1] image



Comp Exchanges turned into a trio

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