Learning the Language of Love

What up?! Japanese iron chef in the house!! 🙂

Konnichiwa family and friends!

I cannot believe I am emailing again already. Crazy how fast the weeks go by! Well this last week was the official first week of the new transfer and Takahashi Choro was the only elder to leave and Moa Choro (from my MTC District) came in and he has been a great asset to the district! Well here's a palm to the forehead story for ya. we were doing a mogi with Mori Shimai and it was surprisingly going semi-well and then we were talking about repentance and I was explaining how we can receive forgiveness (yurushii). But, instead I kept telling her how we can receive pain and anguish (kurushimi) through repentance! Thank goodness it was a mogi or else someone else would have thought we were crazy people. Right now we are teaching Two great PI's. We are teaching Jennifer from Taiwan and she is great. We taught her with a sweet member, Jenny Shimai from China. We also taught Shimada San twice this week. We had a great first lesson with her and Bishop Shimada and his wife (the similarities with the names is great, less things to remember). We also had a ward cleaning party and two eikaiwa (english class) students and their daughter, and two investigators for the elders, and four non-member friends from members came, so there was a ton of dendo opportunities! They were so diligent and helpful in cleaning, my heart was humbled to see them sacrifice their time and efforts to help us.

Sundays are literally the best and most liberating days of the week. It doesn't matter if I'm having a great week or a bad one, whenever Sunday hits I just feel an overwhelming sense of peace as we get to partake of the sacrament. This Sunday was especially great because it was ward conference so it was packed with all of the stake members and Shimada San came again and stayed for the whole time!!! The Relief Society and Primary sang 'A Child's Prayer'. I'm not a music expert but it was flawless. We sang in Japanese and English, since part of our ward is American. It was beautiful to see the Japanese kids work to learn English and the American kids learn Japanese! The day was perfect and Shimada San really enjoyed the whole program. After church we had a lesson with her and Sister Shimada. We began the lesson teaching from the restoration pamphlet and she was really internalizing what we taught and Sister Shimada helped clarify questions and bore great testimony. We got to prophets and introduced the doctrine of Jesus Christ to attain true and everlasting happiness and I couldn't understand a thing. I sat there frustrated praying, listening, trying to figure out what was being said, but couldn't make out even a phrase or word. Basically, it was as if I was under water and they were above the water surface. You can hear people talking and noise, but can't understand a thing they are saying, that was pretty much my situation. All I could see was Nakamura Shimai and Sister Shimada trying to lessen a concern Shimada San had. I was pleading for help to understand or help to say something and as I did, I remembered a talk Elder Uchtdorf gave a few conferences back, entitled "Your Wonderful Journey Home" and I was reminded of Pres. Uchtdorf and how he discussed the language we spoke in the pre-existence, from this quote:

"...When your primary thoughts and behaviors are focused on serving God and others--when you truly desire to bless and lift up those around you- then the power of the pure love of Christ can work in your heart and life. That is the language you want to learn. This deep and abiding influence is a language that reaches to the very soul. It is a language of understanding, a language of service, a language of lifting and rejoicing and comforting." -Pres. Uchtdorf

The only thing I could say was I don't understand a lot of Japanese, but I do know our message is true and promised it would bless her life. I told her through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we experience the greatest happiness we could ever have. I told her God loved her very much and he loves us so much he gave us this gospel. I watched as the spirit touched her heart and testify of the truthfulness of our words (Four women being in a room, we obviously were all bawling). We then taught her how to pray and through tear-soaked eyes she willingly accepted the invitation to pray and bore the most beautiful and humble prayer I had heard. The spirit was very strong and it was a powerful experience.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to truly learn the Language of Love from the humble people that I meet here. After the lesson, I learned that Shimada San's concerns were that she did not think it was that easy to become happy, and how she struggles to be happy at times in a world that is so corrupt. Nakamura Shimai and Sister
Shimada were explaining that we cannot change the world and we can change ourselves. I am so grateful that through this gospel there are no language barriers and through the Language of Love we can understand one another and uplift each other. I am grateful for the many people who have taught me this Language of Love, long before I came on my mission. From my wonderful ward back home (Garden Grove 1st Ward) and my compassionate Bishop Stowell and Mama Barbie, the wonderful influence of great/virtuous friends, and the guidance of loving parents, siblings, and family members. I am grateful for my "tutors" in this Language of Love in Japan; President and Sister Wada, my trainer Nakamura Shimai, Yamate Ward, and the beautiful investigators I am privileged to meet, especially Shimada San who has truly exemplified the Language of Love. This Language of Love is instilled within all of us and as we practice in it, we become more fluent in it and like a domino effect, we can help remind others of this Language of Love. I encourage all of you to study the Language of Love and strive to learn it through the examples of those in the scriptures. Look for evidences in the examples around you, practice it by sharing it with others and before you know it you'll be fluent! :) I am grateful to learn and speak the Language of Love on behalf of the Savior.


Wilson Shimai
ウイルソン 姉妹

Yumiko, one of our eikaiwa students teaches us ikebana, a Japanese art form of flower arranging. This stuff is crazy specific, but really fun. Mine is the orange one.

So we helped translate for this spa place as service for one of our
eikaiwa students……..it was AMAZING!!!!! Can u say #fancy




Ok so this letter is from our sweet investigator Shimada San who came to church two weeks ago. It touched my heart and just wanted to share. Mom, she is amazing we see great things for her and she feels the spirit so strong!!! I love her so much, I wish you could meet her she has such a pure heart.



Have u ever seen anything cuter? They’re uniforms are the cutest #so fetch



Elder Moa from Australia


Mtc mates reunited!!!! And an awkward rangah in the corner! Lol!!!




the blackness with our fave choco black thunder!!!!!!!!!!!
#wheremypolypeopleat #nothere #moachorofoundasamoankiwiguyinhislastareathough #polypride #downwithbrown
image-4 copy 2
Not sure what this is, but it’s the second time she’s sent a picture of it. I think it’s a brownie called Black Thunder…Totally guessing!


No caption from Wilson Shimai – this may be her apartment in Yamate

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