‘Time is Precious and People are Priceless’


We met this sweet band playing near a train station while passing out eikaiwa fliers
Konnichiwa Minasan!!!
  Life here in Yamate is great! We had an awesome zone conference with Pres. Wada and learned a ton from our A.P.s (assistant to the president)! The biggest lesson I learned from each of the trainings were, ‘Time is Precious and People are Priceless’.
Our investigator,  Shimada San is progressing well, she’s reading the Book of Mormon and really likes it, during our last lesson we talked about how we can pray to know these thigs are true and she said “Really? But I am sure it is true.”  She is great, and Bishop Shimada and his wife have been helping us so much with her! She was not able to make it to church this Sunday, but one of our eikaiwa students, Tei San and her son came. So Tei San was one of the eikaiwa students who came to our church clean up last week and we had a great chat. So she speaks great Japanese and Chinese and with my little nihongo I started talking with her and thank goodness for technology. She was so patient with me and my limited nihongo but when we weren’t understanding each other, we had our electronic dictionaries out and would look over at our screens and would get really excited when we could understand each other, we talked like this for about two hours at the clean up, it was awesome! I learned about her family and hobbies and she invited me over to teach and make gyoza with her and so I invited her to church last Sunday but she said she had a school festival to attend but said she would come next week. Silly me I totally forgot and she remembered and brought her son with her, it was great!!! She is the sweetest mom and loves hymns, it was a wonderful surprise to see her! We also met another Chinese woman through a member, Jenny shimai, she has been awesome at helping us with lessons and finding people! Well she introduced us to her friend from Shang hai, Jennifer,(another Chinese  speaking Jennifer) and we hit it off well and have an appt with her this week! Nakamura shimai and I talked about how we have taught more Chinese than Japanese it seems like and she told me of some of the prophecies that they read at a leadership meeting about Japan helping to further the work in China. Spencer W. Kimball said, “We say again your responsibility is to teach the gospel to 111 million people in this land. And then you can cross the water over to the mainland and take the gospel to hundreds of millions of Chinese.”  We talked about how we are helping to teach our Chinese brothers and sisters and who knows maybe when they return back to their homelands they will be able to share this with those there. I know the Lord has a greater plan for these wonderful people. We also had a beautiful lesson with the sato family, Jenny Shimai and her son, Yuki’s are both me,bers but her husband masahiro San is not always available he works a ton so it was a treat to meet with them. We had a beautiful lesson about faith with him and he talked about his family and has great love for them and try to make the most of each moment. We talked about prayer and how we can be strengthened and our families can be better, united. He played rugby and was legit,  So I compared our families to a rugby team and he said when he played in New Zealand, they always prayed before games and he didn’t understand why no one would help them through a prayer, but one of his teammates said that they prayed to tell God they have prepared all that they could and were asking for protection and essentially leaving everything up to Him. We talked about how as families are a team and we are trying to win this game of life and through prayer we become more united as a team or family. It was so cute, at the end, his sweet son Yuki extended the commitment for him to pray everyday, as much as he would like to pray but knows his father is busy he asked him to please pray and promised his father it will help change their lives. He was so humble and sincere and his dad simply said, “Daddy will do it”. Yuki desires so badly for his family to become an eternal family and be sealed and I know that this was helping their father take one step towards that eternal path. I am grateful for the example that the sat family shared with me that our time with each other is precious and the people we spend it with are priceless. I hope each of us can follow their examples and help strengthen our “teams” through either earnest personal prayer or family prayer. I know that through this we can be strengthened and our relationship with God and others around us will be strengthened! I love you all, thank you so much for your prayers and support!
So I am giving you an assignment. Open your door. Go out and knock on someones door. Give them the redeeming, nourishing gospel. The Church will grow in Japan and it will grow in the other Asian nations whose leaders we have met with this week. The Spirit of the Lord has been with us. Young people have open minds. Help the missionaries. You young people, you teenagers, can help the missionaries by teaching your friends and bringing them into the Church. The Church will grow in Japan.
Sister Wilson
ウイルソン 姉妹
Aleta shimais speech contest we helped with‏
Aleta Shimais speech contest we helped with‏
So stinking adorable!!! It was hard to grade them cause they were so cute!
So stinking adorable!!! It was hard to grade them cause they were so cute!
  • A lil blurry but all of us at the sato family’s house for dinner. Ate an amazing meal with Yuki!!!‏
Yep I made these!
Package from Home

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