The Seasons are a changing and so am I…transferred to….HELLO KITTY LAND aka Tama‏

Nakamura Shimai, Wilson Shimai, Jenny Shimai
Aloooohhhaaa Minasan! Well the transfers are in and I am leaving my bean area and going to Tama...I am so sad to leave yamate and all of the wonderful people here, but I know the Lord has more in store and many more lessons He needs me to learn in Tama. So biggest thing that happened this week was we had a talent show on Saturday with some of our eikaiwa students and ward members, it was a bit of a mess trying to get organized and what not but it was a great success and we had a wonderful turn out from eikaiwa students and from our ward. So with each talent we had them share a spiritual message or testimony of the gospel connected with their talent and it was wonderful. We had a few musical numbers of missionaries, and missionaries with investigators and ward members and each bore powerful testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel and joy we feel from it. One of my favorite talents was Yukiyoshi, Jenny Shimai's son. He began asking everyone what the connection is between families and yo-yos, and explained that when a yo yo is used correctly it will always return. He did a yo-yo act and connected the yo-yo to the Plan of Salvation and how through this plan no matter how long or far we are from our families when we are faithful and follow Jesus Christ's example we are guaranteed to return to our families once again. He bore a powerful testimony of this eternal truth and the spirit was so strong! 
Ok, so Jenny Shimai was really pushing for Nakamura Shimai and I to do a hula for the talent show because for some reason when you tell people you went to school in Hawaii they automatically assume hula is a natural part of your everyday lol! Well we performed a hula with her and we danced to 'Aloha Oe', which is sad but I wanted to share a message of the three meanings of aloha. (Thank goodness for my experience at the Polynesian Cultural Center, it has been such a blessing to my life and even more my mission!) I explained how Aloha means hello, goodbye, and love and told them how although this is a goodbye song it expresses hope of meeting again and how through the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation we can have this same hope. Also talked about sharing Aloha or love with all those around us #sharealoha#shoutouttomyfaveplacePCC! If I can't be in Hawaii I guess I will bring it to Japan haha we danced and had a ton of fun. I'm grateful we danced to 'Aloha Oe', it's crazy how applicable it feels right now since I am transferring and will be saying Aloha to my first area that I have grown to love so much! Well after we danced, my inner tour guide came out and I of course had to share some aloha with them and taught them the simple hula from PCC, I hope it wasn't copyrighted. Lol! But they loved it and it was a great experience to see people of all ages and families dancing together. It brought back so many good memories of working at the Polynesian cultural center, and the special spirit that is there and I feel so grateful I was able to share a piece of that spirit with them. I am so grateful for the spirit and the guidance we received this week, we were able to see two PI's (prospective investigators) who we haven't been able to get in contact with by simply following the spirit and being where we felt we needed to be. I am so grateful for Nakamura Shimai and all that she teaches, I realized that a lot of times I am so focused on getting from one place to the other that I fail to be aware of my surroundings, but I know the spirit can work through my companions voice calling me back on the street after spotting Shimada San who we haven't seen in over a week. It was such a sweet miracle to see her, it was great to see her and even though she is not ready to fully accept the gospel now, I know the lord is preparing her heart. After seeing her, Nakamura Shimai were in cloud nine and said how the Lord loves her so much and does not want her to be forgotten and helped our paths to cross that day. I'm so grateful for the little miracle we experience we are privileged to witness. And I am blessed to be a missionary and feel the infinite love the lord has for all of his children and his desire for them to return unto him. I am so blessed to have been able to serve with a wonderful ward and a great district and I look forward to more learning experiences in Tama!

Wilson Shimai 
Spent my last pday in Yamate at the Cup Noodle factory in Yokohama!!!!! Last time to be with my MTC doki Okazaki and Moa Choro 😦 Way fun! Hahahaha all I could think of was my bros and how much they would love to be here…..I have never felt so Asian!IMG_1254IMG_1258 IMG_1261
First Kimonos!
The woman fitting me is Mitsui Mama, she loves missionaries and loves to help us mend clothes and experience Japanese culture, love her!!! Sad to leave her.
IMG_1295  IMG_1296 

IMG_1304 IMG_1307

IMG_1308 IMG_1311

  IMG_1315   IMG_1317


IMG_1324 IMG_1336

 IMG_1341 IMG_1345 IMG_1351 IMG_1353 IMG_1354IMG_1355
IMG_1358 IMG_1363
IMG_1366 IMG_1368 IMG_1370


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