New Area…Tama!


Bye Yamate!
Konnichiwa family and friends!

Honestly, it was way hard to leave my bean area, but I am so grateful for all the lessons learned and the incredible people I was blessed to meet. The hardest part of leaving was having to say goodbye to investigators and especially the ward, Yamate will always have a special place in my heart!! Tama is great, it's more suburbia I guess...idk how to judge Japanese areas seeing as this is only my second area. But I already love it! My new companion is Sister Padelsky from Syracuse Utah, and it has been a blast since we first met. She is an awesome companion, she is crazy passionate about the work and is bold. I mean seriously this girl has no fear, I have been learning a ton from her and it hasn't even been a week yet! As we have been setting goals and discussing what we want to make happen this transfer, one thing Padelsky Shimai said was we will work hard on our teaching skills, because the best finders are teachers. She said the better you become at teaching, the more opportunities you will find teach and you will begin to fill your time with lessons and teaching, and because your time will be so concentrated on teaching the Lord begins to trust you with more people and will help put you in places where you will find people to teach, or place people within your path to help you. I am excited to work harder this transfer and to build up this area. We are teaching a family, Mashiko さん and Junko さん. Junkoさん is a former Jehovah's Witness member and has started to investigate the church after her husband received an eikaiwa flier and started having lessons. Their story is quite remarkable, it is undeniable that the Lord's Hand has played an essential role in helping them meet with missionaries. So they are such an interesting pair, Junko さん has incredible faith and is striving to find truth and wants to follow God's plan for her. And she listens to Him, no questions asked, her faith is rock solid, I'm amazed. Mashikoさん on the other hand finds it very difficult to believe in God and has many doubts and always questions everything. They are both so different in many ways but at the same time have incredible potential. Both are learning more about the Church and overcoming their own challenges. They also both have an endearing love for their さんs daughter Yuka who lives with mental and physical disabilities. They have many differences, but I couldn't help but notice how Yuka united these two. Yuka is the sweetest most innocent girl. In Relief Society, the teacher was talking about repentance or something and asked the class who in here is perfect, and Yuka raises her hand and says 'watashi' (meaning I am). Her mom said 'no', and Yuka was a little upset, but then Padelsky Shimai explained that, yes she is and told Junko さん that Yuka will go to the celestial kingdom and that she is pure and not like us. She will have to prove herself in this mortal life. Junko さんs heart was touched. Yuka was so cute and answered different questions saying: iesu-Sama or kamisama (Jesus Christ and God) she was a great help in teaching. Yuka is a wonderful example to me that we are all sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father, and despite Yuka's physical and mental disabilities, she recognizes her divine heritage. It was a testimony that I need to help others remember their divine heritage and that each of us has infinite potential that God wants us to live up to and return to him. She didn't have to say much, but I learned from the sweet spirit she carries with her that these things are true. I am so grateful to be apart of this great work and to help others understand their potential and the Plan God has set for each and everyone of his children. I cannot thank you all enough for the outpouring of love and prayers! 頑張てね!! 愛しています ウィルソン姉妹 Wilson Shimai


Farewell Yamate Friends!
MTC District Brother – Moa Choro

Yamate District

Nakamura Shimai and Wilson Shimai

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