Sister McCall Padelsky – Tama
Hey family and friends!
So this week has been wonderful! Tama is amazing, I love the area and the people so much! And what has been even more amazing is we have truly witnessed the Lord's hand throughout this week. The mission continues to amaze me and gets even better with time!
This past week we have been meeting with Junko and Mashiko frequently. Sakahira Shimai, a member from the Yokohama Stake has been an angel and helping us with Junko, she was a former member of another church too and has helped Junko by calling and answering questions and being very supportive. She lives a bit of a ways away but called us one day and said she felt the impression that she needed to meet Junko and asked to come to a lesson with us. This woman is incredible and one of the sweetest and most charitable people I have met here! We met up and all had lunch together and then we began the lesson. Padelsky and I had been fasting prior to the lesson because we both felt that Junko was ready to commit to a date, she has been asked three times and we felt that she was ready. We went in pretty prepared and then the lesson began and I just felt like we weren't being as fluid and tripping over our words Japanese was rougher than it has ever been, but Sakahira Shimai was awesome, she shared her beautiful conversion story and the spirit was strong, and we finally got to the commitment and I asked in the best broken Japanese if she would accept the invitation to be baptized all the while praying that she would feel the spirit and do as he directed. And very humbly she said yes, Padelsky Shimai and I were overwhelmed and I felt an indescribable peace and love for Junko. She was so sweet after she accepted our invitation, she asked questions about the word of wisdom and when she needed to keep it and we were like we should start preparing now and she was onboard! Padelsky Shimai and I walked out of there that evening knowing that we in no way did anything, it was undeniably the spirit that spoke straight to her heart, it was an awesome humbling experience!!
Sister Wilson
I love sister Padelsky!!!!!! #soulsister

So if u ever wondered what Japanese graffiti looks like...this is it! They tag in Japanese kanji. kinda sick!IMG_1421(1)   IMG_1423 

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