Good, Better and Best!

Me and my home girl #HelloKitty #meandKittychan
Hello Family and Friends!
This past week has come and gone. Basically, my week consisted of attending the temple, going on splits in Machida, Ward BBQ, and visiting a ton of people who were not home or did not answer. So we are prepping Junko for her baptismal date which is coming up quick, we are working through some things right now, and her faith is still so strong!
So I was able to dendo in Machida when my comp had to attend a leadership meeting and I learned a lot about dendoing good, better, and best. The day started out pretty interesting, we had a lesson with a lady who says she is possessed by the devil and is tormented by evil spirits. That was an experience in itself....we ended up singing songs at the end because she said she feels peaceful when we sing hymns together. It was great, we were able to testify about hymns and how they are inspired and help us come closer to Christ. We went out to dendo and we weren't feeling very effective so we thought we would try a place where the people were more concentrated so we went to the city and it went all right but still felt like we could be more
productive elsewhere. By this time, it was time to go and switch. I felt like we hadn't done the best we could have done in a day, while waiting. We were going to Kubari to pass out eikaiwa flyers. But, I felt impressed to talk to a young teenage girl, we talked and it turns out she
was Christian and loves God and Jesus Christ and she was way interested in church!
This week we have also been working on visiting less active members and almost every time we visited some, it felt as though they were not home or would not answer the phone. We wanted to put our time where the Lord needed us, so we decided to visit a member who we planned to visit a couple weeks ago but never got a chance to do so. We went and visited her and asked if she could help us figure out who we should visit. She started naming off names, giving us so much information about everyone, and even told us what times we should visit them and who to talk to. It was exactly what we need, we went and visited everyone she said and had very meaningful meetings with them and it was a great and very productive experience!
This Sunday Mashiko and Junko were sick so were unable to attend, so we got to go to the youths Sunday school class, and it was great! So Elder Oaks' talk about "Good, Better, and Best" had been on my mind in the beginning of the week but with everything going on I had forgotten I read it, but during the Sunday School class, we discussed the talk and evaluated all of our activities we did this week and categorized them under whether it was a good, better, or best choice and then brainstormed on how we can improve for the next week. It was exactly what I needed! I was able to reflect and see where I may have been doing what seemed like a good option at that time but after evaluating how effective I felt it was, I found that there were a lot more ways I could be doing not only do the best option but doing my best. I was so grateful to evaluate my week and see where I can rise to the challenge and seek to choose the best ways to fulfill my missionary purpose here in Tama! I am so grateful for the Lord's influence and help in molding me into the missionary He needs me to be. I know that although we may feel like we are doing what's good, but sometimes the Lord has better options for us, and as we seek out better options, the Lord will lead us to exactly where He needs us to be and we will be able to choose the best way, which is always the Lord's way! But hey don't take my word for it! Learn from an apostle of the Lord: "We have to forego some good things in order to choose others that are better or best because they develop faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and strengthen our families." -Elder Dallin H. Oaks
Love you all!
Wilson Shimai

Fun in Kamakura!


One thought on “Good, Better and Best!”

  1. Merry Christmas, Natalie,

    I enjoy so much your letters and pictures. My missionary experience is that I gave my housekeeper’s assistant, Claudia, a Spanish Book of Mormon. Through my housekeeper I knew she had some interest in the Church. Ellyn came to visit and we found out her son in San Salvadore is a recent convert. Ellyn said that Claudia had been there for his baptism and had attended church. Ellyn contacted mission headquarters to have them get in touch with her because she lives in Riverside. She doesn’t speak any English but looked very happy to receive the BofM.
    I’m going to Colorado for Christmas and Duffy is going with me. It should be lots of fun.

    Love, Grandma Van Patten


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