Don’t ever go down, unless it’s on your knees!

Picture that was posted on her facebook page. Photo Credit: Elder Jarom Hansen. L-R Junko San, Yuka San, Padelsky, Wilson
Hello everyone!
This has been a whirlwind of a week and it has truly been wonderful!
We had zone and district meeting, which was awesome. I am always amazed at how inspired the trainings are each week. And all that I learn helps me with the weeks' challenges. Our district leader and zone leaders and STL gave great trainings on remembering our purpose and focusing on why we came out and what is our motivation that is keeping us grounded here. Everyday we are fighting against the adversary's influence to save souls and bring them unto Christ, one of the quotes that inspired me was 'don't go down unless it's on your
knees'. Since being on a mission I am still learning about the power and strength that comes from earnest prayer.
This past week we have been trying to get Junko prepared for baptism, there have been obstacles along the way, but I know that the Lord has answered Padelsky Shimai's and my prayers. We had a wonderful opportunity this weekend. Our stake held a great family history fair. Junko and Yuka San came and really enjoyed themselves and were able to meet new people in the stake, it was awesome! After the fair, we had a music concert. As the music began, the first number was 'I Am a child of God', as it began Yuka became noisy and started crying uncontrollably. We first thought the music was too loud and upsetting her, but Junko explained when she is touched emotionally and does not know how to express it other than through uncontrollable crying. It was such a tender moment. Yuka San amazes me, I am so grateful to have been able to meet her and Junko San. They have a very special light and it radiates and blesses the lives of all those that come in contact with.
This Sunday we had a wonderful opportunity to dendo with the youth, every third Sunday of the month in the Tama Ward, the youth gathers with the missionaries and we do a variety of missionary work to help them gain experience and help us accomplish our purpose. I was a little nervous for them at first, they were all so little and shy but after saying a prayer and praying that we would find people along our path, we had an awesome experience. We were able to meet many people as we handed out eikaiwa flyers and the youth were all so brave in approaching people, they were a great example to me. A group of youth and the elders visited less actives and one of the homes they invited a young man to join them and he did, it was a sweet miracle to have him participate and gather with the youth. Afterwards we gather and report and share experiences, the youths testimonies helped to strengthen my own.
So this week Junko will be baptized on Saturday, YAY!!!!! She is incredible, and I am excited for her to take this first step in the right direction. She became sick this past weekend and we were afraid we wouldn't be able to meet and finish teaching and getting her prepared, so we have been praying like crazy for her and we met with her today and she is miraculously feeling better...coincidence?... I think not! I know that our prayers are heard by a loving Heavenly Father, I am so grateful for the open communication we are able to have with Him. I know that prayer is a powerful tool and has the ability to change hearts, it has changed mine and I am able to see it change the lives of my sweet Japanese friends. Thank you for all the prayers and support they mean the world to me!
Sister Wilson

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