Christmas Miracles Already!!‏

Christmas Vests


Well transfer calls came in and…..I get to stay in Tama!! Yay!!!! I am so excited, and blessed to spend another transfer here. We will also be getting two more elders so there will be eight of us serving in the Tama Ward how crazy!! I am so so blessed!!

Junko has been awesome. She is still progressing and her testimony is getting stronger. Her friend Mashiko, hasn’t been taking lessons lately, but the elders made it a priority to meet him and they committed him to be baptized on the 23rd of this month, yay! They are also hoping to be married very soon! Yay, we are on the road to creating an eternal family!! 🙂

So after Junko’s baptism, we needed to find more people to teach and to get people to church. So we set that as our goal to really focus on this last week. We were out and about trying to find people and we were blessed to meet Masami and Kauhara San and they are way awesome, but we still could not find anyone to go to church. Sister Padelsky and I were working hard and inviting people to church, but no one could come. We got to Saturday and called a ton of people and no one could come. We got so desperate we followed some people on our way home and may have small kine followed them, but they didn’t want to come to church. We got home and then planned and tried calling and messaging more people. We called a girl I never met and Sis. Padelsky had met only once. She said she had nothing to do, but didn’t know if she would come. Well we went to bed a little disappointed and feeling like unsuccessful missionaries. We went to church and it was a special day, because President and Sister Wada come around to wards and they were coming to Tama on Sunday. We got to church had a couple of meetings and a member came and said our investigator was waiting upstairs. We were way confused because everyone we talked to was not going to come. We ran upstairs and to our astonishment it was Ichikawa San, the girl we barely knew and had called the night before. It was such a blessing to meet her. She said she wasn’t going to come, but later felt like she needed to come not knowing why. It was a great Sunday meeting, President and Sister Wada talked and helped all of our investigators, it was great. Ichikawa San then asked us about God’s voice, she asked if we all hear it. We explained the spirit and she told us of an experience she had in which she felt God tell her her father was going to be in an accident and then she got a call in which her father had been in an accident. We shared 3 Nephi 11:3 and she said, “Yes, that’s exactly what I felt.” It was such a tender mercy to have her come and to help her understand the spirit and that God was giving her guidance cause He loves her so much.

The spirit is so strong and I know that the spirit speaks louder and carries the message of truth more than anything I could ever say. I am grateful for the influence of the spirit and the great tool it is in missionary work. The spirit truly carries the message of Christ to those that have been prepared. I am grateful the Lord allowed us to witness such a great miracle. Church is true y’all!

 Sister Wilson
 Merry Christmas from Tama!!

We got Christmas sweaters!


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