It’s the Season for Christ is the reason #ShareTheGift‏

Konnichiwa 皆さん!!!

This has been a great start to the second transfer in Tama! This week we visited a lot of less actives and we have done a lot of detective
work. Filling in missing pieces with them, and hunting them down has been half the battle. Japanese addresses are ridiculously complicated,
and as Sister Padelsky and I visited, we relied on the spirit and were able to find every address and met some great people along the way. The Lord is mindful of each of his children and it doesn't matter how we got there, but as we met with them we let them know how much God loves them and even if they are not ready to come back we were able to share a message with them.

Miracle of the week: Our friend, Ichikawa San, was found by Kanno Shimai in our Ward from Facebook. We met with her last Sunday and had a great time with her at church. This week we had a lesson with her but she got severely ill and couldn't work or go anywhere. She talked to Kanno shimai and kanno shimai told her she could receive a special blessing to help her. We got her set up with the elders and they gave her a beautiful blessing we told her to remember the words that elder naganuma said and that they were not his words but gods. After we were able to have a lesson with her afterwards and she said she felt different. Later that night we received an email from her that said she knows the blessing was from God and what she remembered from the blessing was that God loves her very much, she said her arm was amazingly feeling better and she knows the blessing was from God. We were able to attend a baptismal service with her and create a defining moment with her. She is really great and feels the spirit and enjoys learning about the gospel.

I am so excited for this Christmas season, I love how no matter where you are there is a special spirit felt during Christmas time. Even in Japan, we get many questions asking if the Japanese people are hard to get through to because so many are Buddhists, but I know that the sweet people of Japan feel the spirit of Christmas but may not know it or recognize it. The church came out with an awesome video called he is the gift and talks about how the very first Christmas gift was given to us by Heavenly Father, his son Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father gave each and everyone of us this special gift and so much thought and love was poured into this everlasting gift. Jesus Christ is a gift given for each of us, a gift we should never forget and always remember. As we follow Jesus Christ's example and share his gospel with others we show our gratitude for this special gift. A gift is only as good as we utilize it. I hope we can all share the message and gift of Jesus Christ with all those around us. This Christmas season please #ShareTheGift :) 

I love you all,
Sister Wilson

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