Refiner’s Fire

Dinner, with all 8 missionaries, at the Kyomen 家族 house!! Love them!! They also love rugby!
Hey family and friends!!

I am not sure about the weather in the states but it is getting waaayyyy cold!.....But the Lord's work is on fire!!

So this week on Wednesday, we had our whole schedule set, but after finishing district meeting that morning, it didn't feel right. So we went another route and decided to try to visit a lady the elders met while housing. They told us she is studying the Bible but they didn't know her name and only had a picture of her house, so we went searching. We eventually found the house and were way stoked to meet her, rang the doorbell and....her husband answered and told us to get lost. We found out where we were and discovered a less active lived in the area. We went to visit her and she was not home. Wo we began housing down a street that felt right. Ok so Japanese people are the politest people ever. So we must have caught this street on a bad afternoon, because typically during housing, they politely decline and tell us they are Buddhist or not interested. But we met some hantai people and on nearly one street we were on, they didn't say a thing and slammed the door. We were literally at the end of the road and there was one house left, and despite the rejection I still felt hopeful. A man answered and said he wanted to come out to meet us. He was a nice Buddhist man who listened to us tell about what we do and our purpose and he thought what we were doing was great, but politely declined. He wished us well, and we were able to end our housing on a good note. As we were leaving, we saw an apartment building with a ton of Christmas decorations, so we had to go house them! Well the Christmasy houses were all empty but the last house we knocked on, a really nice Chinese woman answered and we talked about the meaning of Christmas and she said her family was Catholic when she was young. We talked about Christ and then gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she would read it. It was such a blessing!! It's crazy. At the end of the day, Sister Padelsky and I were reflecting on the miracles we witnessed and how we didn't follow anything we planned, but followed the Lord's plan and his way is always right. I don't know what will come about with those people we met but I know the Lord was mindful of them at that time and we needed to meet them.

This work is undeniably guided by the Lord. On Friday, we had a lesson with our sweet investigator Ichikawa San, and she is awesome. She still has minor pains, so we went near her house to meet her, she asked us to meet at a mall type place and two members from the Tama Ward came to help out. As we arrived at the venue, it was in the middle of a food court area, right at the time of lunch. It was way crazy and loud and people were everywhere, but this is where she wanted to do the lesson. Padelsky Shimai and I were both worried because we felt prompted to commit her to be baptized. But with the whole atmosphere, we both thought it wasn't the place. As we sat down at a cold stone bench, all five of us sitting next to each other, we began the lesson and it was completely strange with the whole set up, and venue but we began it like any other lesson and despite the unconventional area and the groups of people staring at these strangers, foreigners with their scriptures and pictures of Christ, the spirit was there. As the lesson went on, we felt prompted to ask her about baptism. We asked her to be baptized on the 10th of January, and she agreed. It was another lesson that we left knowing, that it was truly the spirit that carried our message to her heart. We are so excited for her and she is excited and she likes reading the Book of Mormon and loves learning about God and how much he loves her. The spirit can touch the hardest of hearts and can be felt in the strangest of places, because the Lord's love is endless and everlasting. It is such a blessing to share this knowledge with such humble people! Life is wonderful in Tama!! Love you all!!!

Sister Wilson


One thought on “Refiner’s Fire”

  1. Love these posts, Sister Wilson~ So happy to hear that the “missionary work is on fire”~~~ Loving your enthusiasm and loving you! Happy New Year~~~


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