Ready to Ring in a New Year!!‏

Christmas lesson with our investigator Asuka.
Hello family and friends!!!

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone, it was way too fast but it was definitely one of the most memorable Christmas' I will ever experience!! This week was crazy fast, on Tuesday we went to the temple, and it was such an amazing blessing to be there, right before Christmas. Even though we didn't have any snow, It made it truly a "white Christmas" lol. There is always a strong spirit in the temple, but there was an even more special feeling when we were there. We really Christmas dendoed anywhere we went and asked them about Christmas. It was a great way to talk to people, I was amazed at how little people actually knew about Christ and His birth, but it made for great missionary opportunities!
Japan Tokyo South Mission (Wilson Shimai is in the middle, left side in a green sweater)

On Wednesday, we had our mission Christmas conference and that was great. All 210 missionaries gathered in Kichijoji and man was the spirit strong! Our mission has reached its maximum. It was so awesome to reunite with all of my MTC district, especially Gazdik Shimai, love her! At the conference we heard from President and Sister Wada and can I just say they are incredible people! I love them! I watched as a few missionaries bore their testimonies and how emotional they were seeing each of us and thought about how much love they have for each of us. They are so loving and hardworking. This Christmas I was especially grateful for this sweet couple that has changed my life! Also we had a white elephant #throwback to Christmas in Carson with the Lutali side...except, this one was not as much fun as white elephant with the family in Carson, but whatevs still fun. So our Christmas treat I guess you could say was we finally got to watch Meet the Mormons, by far an amazing movie, everyone must see it!!! :) All in all it was a great meeting to be surrounded by all of my mission siblings. It felt like the same strong spirit you feel in the MTC being surrounded by so many servants of the Lord, that's some powerful stuff!

After the conference we had a Christmas eikaiwa party. We weren't sure how it would turn out because everyone kept saying they had plans. But we had a great little turn out and played games and sang hymns. But the best part was recreating the nativity scene. Most of the students there, was their first time doing something like this, so I wanted to make it special. So the sisters were in charge of this portion of the party and I was way grateful for my own family tradition with Grandma Sa and Grandpa Piligi. Every year all of us cousins re-enact Christ's birth. I used all my prior knowledge to sort it out here, but had to put it in super simple English. #ThankgoodnessforGrandmaSa. I reminisced on all of the special memories I made with my family in acting out the nativity scene and really wanted them to feel those same feelings. Haha! I got to play my grandma's role in directing everyone, and it turned out great! The spirit filled the room and it was a memory I will always cherish with them.

On Christmas Day, we had a lesson with Asuka San and she was actually able to meet Sister Padelsky's family and we prayed together with her family cause they wanted to hear her pray in Japanese. We all felt the spirit so strong and Asuka said that she notices something different about our families. It was an awesome defining moment for her and us. We also went out for dinner as a district and when you're in Japan, you do as the Japanese do and eat....sushi! (Actually on Christmas Japanese people eat fried chicken and cake, I have no idea why but we settled for sushi instead lol). At night, we went to Sis. Miyasaka's house and she had a sweet less active girl over for Christmas named Airu Chan. This sweet little girl has been through a lot. Her mother recently passed away this year and her father left and she lives in an orphan type place and doesn't do much. We caroled with all of us, 8 missionaries and a couple members, and each of us gave her a present. She was so cute and way excited to get so many she hugged us and was so grateful. As we sat with her, i thought about Christ's birth and how humble his circumstances were too and how the shepherds left straightway to see him and they had very little, but gave of their hearts to the Savior and after they partook of his glorious birth, they left and shared the good news with others. As a missionary this Christmas, there is so much I want to give of these people that I have grown to love so much. As far as the worlds standards, I don't have a lot to offer them, but in truth, I am grateful to give them a priceless gift all year around not only during Christmas, which is sharing of this great news that I have first hand witnessed that Christ lives and loves us all and through Him we and our families can experience the greatest happiness. The greatest gift I have received, which is a witness of our Savior Jesus Christ, is the greatest gift I can give to my brothers and sisters in Japan. This was my only Christmas on a mission, but it is one of my favorite and most treasured Christmas'. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are excited to ring in this next year with more commitment and vigor to be a little better, stand a little taller, and work towards becoming who the Lord needs us to become. I love you all. Thank you all for your love and support!!

So the day after Christmas, we had to go into Roppongi which is out of our mission, Sis Padelsky needed to go to the doctors, so we had to take a train. Well the day before we had a leftover handout from our eikaiwa Christmas party and I decided to put it in my bag. On the way, I met this way sweet girl on the train named Reina Chan. She was way cool! She likes reading in English, but can't speak well. So of course we invited her to we continued I asked how her Christmas was the other day and she said she didn't do much. Well I told her about how in America Christmas it's huge and we give presents and what not. She didn't know anything about the meaning of Christmas so I told her a little about Jesus and went to grab a picture in my bag and I saw the hand out, well I felt like she needed it. So I said I don't know why, but even though Christmas is finished, I wanted to give her a Christmas gift and gave her the hand out. She was so grateful and read the scripture on the back in English and asked about it. We were able to talk a little about Jesus. It was way awesome, Christmas magic still continues even after, yeah!

P.S. So New Years here I hear is incredible. I am so excited! Basically it's like American Christmas but Japanese, too excited!

Sister Wilson

Reunited with some of my favorites! Gazdik and Eyring Shimai!



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