Aspiring to Work Inspired‏

My boy Yutaro. We used to work at PCC together #mpgsforlife
Selfie w/President Wada
Last day with Sister Padelsky
Our district
Going to miss my eternal sister, Padelsky Shimai

We just received our transfer calls and I will be staying here in Tama and Sister Padelsky will be transferring. My new companion will be Sister Lexie Dansie. I am way sad to see Sister Padelsky leave, but am grateful for new opportunities to grow and learn. I have learned so much from her and am grateful for all of her wisdom and her example. In being with her I really learned to see and love people as our Heavenly Father loves all of his children. It's been a great two transfers and together we were able to witness many miracles and tender mercies. I know that the Lord has truly been mindful of me and has answered my prayers through those I have been blessed to meet thus far on my mission.

This week we have been so blessed. We had zone conference this past week and we were so uplifted and everything was exactly what I needed. The overlying theme was to change ourselves in order to help others change and come unto Christ. It was very eye opening and I was able to see many of my own weaknesses and where I need to improve. Some things that stuck out to me were President and Sister Wada's talks to us. Sister Wada talked about how after we finish our mission, how do we know if our mission is a success. As we reflected, I thought about how I want my mission to define me. I want to leave my mission knowing I willingly allowed the Lord to mold me into his servant. I thought about how whenever I played a rugby game, Mom, you would always say leave it all on the field. I have this whole year to serve and dedicate myself to the Lord and when I leave, I want to have confidence that I gave the people of Japan my heart and essentially "left it all on the (mission) field". President Wada told us how as missionaries of the Japan Tokyo South Mission he expects us to Work Inspired. If we wanted to learn how to work hard we could have gotten a job, if we wanted to learn how to work smart we could have gone to college right now, but if we have the desire to work inspired we can learn and master this skill on a mission. Tuning into the spirit, is a skill when mastered, we learn to trust in the Lord and rely on His plan for us and as we trust in the Lord, He gains greater trust in us. This year I set a goal to work inspired.

This week, as we were on splits, I was with Sister Foutz. We visited a less active family and their non-member daughter answered and she had no interest in talking to her and we couldn't get any information about her family so we left a bit miffed. As we were walking away Sis. Foutz had the feeling that we should leave a Plan of Salvation pamphlet with them. We left them a message and the pamphlet and I didn't think too much about it. On Sunday, as we talked to Bishop about less actives we visited and told him about the less active family we visited, he informed us that the mother of the family recently passed away and I realized that the Spirit was definitely guiding us. I was grateful for Sis. Foutz example in working inspired and following the spirits promptings.

On Sunday, we had a testimony meeting with the youth and they bore beautiful testimonies and they helped strengthen two investigators that were present and another less active sister. The youth here in Tama are so great! After the testimony meeting, we went to visit less active sisters and as we visited the last family, we definitely heard people inside but they were not going to answer the door. Just as we were about to leave, a little boy came out crying and as the young women consoled the little boy, he lived in the home we were knocking at, he opened the door, the young sister we came to visit came to the door and we were able to meet her and talk to her. It was a tender mercy that we were there at that time. I am so grateful for the examples around me that have helped me to learn how to work inspired.

Today was 成人の日 basically it's a holiday that celebrates the coming of age for young people, everyone that turned twenty in the last year is celebrated so since Sister Padelsky and I turned twenty our Ward members dressed us up in kimonos and we took pics and it was way fun! We also had a 新年会 and made a ton of mochi, so fun! The Tama Ward is great and they make everyone feel like family. I love them all so much! Thank you all for your prayers and love they are felt all the way here in Japan!! 愛しています 皆さん!!!!

Sister Wilson

Kimono's for 20 year-olds dressed by Tama Ward IMG_1858IMG_1863

Mochi making and having fun w/Sister Padelsky

Zone Conference w/Yutaro and President Wada

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