Transfer Five, Feeling Alive

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Padelsky Shimai


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New companion Sister Dansie, Love her!

This week has been crazy. We had transfers and Padelsky Shimai left for Kichijoji where the Honbu (headquarters) is so that was way sad. She's really become an eternal sister to me and I'm grateful for her and all the wisdom she shared with me. She really helped me to focus on the people and to always strive to serve and work hard. My new companion is Dansie Shimai, God is truly blessing me with some awesome companions. I have been blessed to work with some awesome examples. Dansie shimai is great. She has a lot of love and compassion for the people. I'm excited to learn from her and see more miracles here in Tama!

This week was a bit of a blur. We had one sweet miracle. Elder Nicholson and Naganuma met a lady during housing and they introduced us and then she invited us in right away (this was a rare occasion, no one ever invites us in like that). As we talked with her, we learned that she's had a very interesting life. She has a lot of doubts and opinions about society and didn't seem too bright about things in life. As we talked, I remember praying to understand her and her needs. The spirit really changed the atmosphere in the room and we were able to tell her how the gospel changed our life and brought us hope. She listened to us and then she started asking us about church and what goes on. We told her everything and left her with a pamphlet and she was willing to come to church, so hopefully this next Sunday Masada San will be able to come.

The same day we were hungry for tonkatsu and didn't know where to find a place. We asked an old grandma and she said she didn't know but then proceeded to tell us how to make tonkatsu and two other recipes and part of her life story and she talked for about a half an hour non-stop and Dansie Shimai and I kept looking over wondering what to do and how to help this lady. As she talked she had some strong views and told about how we don't know what happens to us after and how no one has the answer. We told her we have the answer for that exact question and it seemed to peak her interest. We asked her about the Book of Mormon and she said she has one and has visited Utah and been to a church. She lives right across the street from the church in Tama. She didn't commit to meet with us again, but we were grateful to talk with her and tell her that there is hope after this life. #thankgoodnessforthespirit and a craving for tonkatsu or we would not have met her.

One thing I learned this week was really making a consistent effort to put the Lord first. This transfer has new challenges ahead and I know that on my own I cannot do anything. Ezra Taft Benson said: "When we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place or fall out of our lives." Putting God first can be a little scary not knowing what the Lord has in store for us, but I know that the Lord will make so much more of our lives than anything we could ever do. Trust in the Lord is a Must. Thank you for your prayers and support, they are truly being answered here in Japan!

Sister Wilson

The district
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My eternal sister friend, Sister Padelsky. We bought matching socks and she decorated our planners and made ’em matching




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