Leave it in the Hands of the Man with the Plan‏


Ok so honestly this was a little rough week for us. Our appointments fell through due to the snow. We were way bummed with the snow but it turned out to be a blessing.

We met this way awesome mom of three, named Naomi さん. After praying with the Noguchi family (the power of member missionary work woohoo!!) we found her and she was way nice and we exchanged info. A couple of days after we asked to meet up. She was way keen on meeting, so we were way excited and she was excited to meet up with us. The day we planned for, out of all the days was the day it finally snowed :( we were still hopeful she would come, but then she cancelled because she was a little skeptical of the weather and didn't want to get sick and we were way bummed. We went home and another appointment with Sue was cancelled due to weather conditions too. Safe to say that we wanted to be upset with the weather and blame the snow for all of our fallen through appointments, but we got back up and saw it as another opportunity to serve. With so much snow that came, we went out and shoveled sidewalks hoping to meet people. It was way cold so no one was stopping to talk with us. But we continued, we went near the church and shoveled around an apartment and no one came out. We talked to one woman, but we were ready to head home for dinner. As we were walking home, we found an old lady kicking snow from her driveway and almost slipping. So we got to work and she of course tried to tell us she was just fine, but we kept going. After we finished she was way grateful and we went on our way. Just as we were getting home, we saw two more women shoveling, so we joined in and one of the ladies invited us to come over and talk. It was a great miracle! It was a good reminder to Dansie Shimai and I that we need to always remember that this is God's work and it doesn't matter if our plans fall through. As we trust in God's plan and have an unyielding faith in Him, He will bless our paths with those that have been prepared.

This week was also my Dad's birthday and it was Yuka's birthday, too. We celebrated her and my Dad's special day by baking her a cake and getting her a tiara. It was the cutest thing! She loved all of it. I was grateful to spend a special day with a special friend I have come to love so much! It was such a blessing! I am so grateful for all the Lord has blessed me with on this mission, the happy moments, trials, and heartaches. I often look back and am able to really appreciate all that God has blessed me with here and I can't help but be grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has such an intricate plan laid out for me and helps me to grow each day. I love you all! 愛

Sister Wilson

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