I had to give a talk in Sacrament and asked Wilson Shimai if she could tell me how her testimony has helped her on her mission…

Hey mommy the response to your question about what I think a testimony is……..I think a testimony for me is something so special, a gift from our Heavenly Father. Right now as a missionary we have various tools in teaching, God has given us these specific tools to further his gospel and to teach others of the goodness of his gospel. All 88,000 of us missionaries are equipped with basically the same essential tools, scriptures, pamphlets, a variety of teaching aids and visuals. But one tool that gives us individuality in teaching the gospel is our personal testimony. Being on a mission, sharing my testimony is one of the simplest, but very powerful way that the spirit is able to carry the message we teach to the hearts of the people here in Japan. Testimonies are awesome because the more and more you share them, the more and more they flourish and grow. unlike things of the world, the more it is shared with others it does not diminish and wither away with time it becomes strengthened and fortified The more we actively share it with all around us. When I came to Japan, a very simple testimony of ‘God is our Heavenly Father and loves each of us’ was literally all the Japanese I could say and I was frustrated with myself because I felt like it wasn’t enough and I wanted to say more and bear a strong testimony of the gospel so the people I taught could really feel how true it was. I struggled for awhile with this thought but continued to share the simple testimony I knew to be true and was amazed that this seemingly insufficient testimony that I thought wasn’t enough was enough for the spirit to testify that this is truly Christ’s church and we can experience the greatest happiness here through Christ. One of my companions always told me, “Wilson shimai I don’t care what you say, but I care how you say it and that it is coming from the spirit.” I took her words to heart and have learned to truly rely on the spirit as I bare testimony. As we bare testimony with Christ like love and through the spirit hearts are changed, the hearts of those we are bearing testimony to are enlightened by the spirit and our own hearts are turned to christ and become more humble and submissive, ready to submit to his will.


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