The Power of Family History


This week has been a week of reflection. On Monday we went to Yokohama my previous area and met up with Shimada San and we were able to reconnect and talk to her, it brought back a lot of memories of my time in Yamate and its crazy to see changes in one another in such a short time. After leaving Yamate, it made me really reflect and see how I've changed and how different I felt than when I first came to this place.

Ok, so one pretty sweet miracle this week was, recently we have been struggling with getting people to church, but our district was working hard this week and we had five people come to church!! We were floored!! The elders actually invited a woman named Indigliria from Colombia who used to be an investigator and she came to church the whole three hours. One problem she only spoke Spanish fluently and a very little bit of Japanese. Luckily, we had Sister Nagahama and her daughter help translate for us. During Sunday school and Relief Society it was way crazy as the Japanese teachers taught, we had to translate to Nagahama Shimai into English, who then translated to Indigliria into Spanish. It was this crazy cycle of translating, but turned out to be great. It was way crazy, but she had a great day and learned a lot. It was such an awesome blessing to have so many people at church and to feel the spirit touch their hearts.

So our mission has been having a big push for utilizing family history work in dendo, so our zone had a way awesome blitz. We did a variety of dendo, streeting, housing and kubari Kai and worked with different companions and it was so powerful! I have been so grateful for my mom and Sister Bowman helping me to complete some of the family history work for me. So on our way to the blitz, we could not find the park where we were all meeting at, but we found a building with my great great grandfather, Masao Nomura's, kanji on it, so we walked up to the building and right behind it was the park where we were supposed to be, coincidence?....I think not! It was a huge blessing and as we began our blitz I talked to two awesome high school girls who were interested in the church and also English class. They were way sweet and it was such a blessing to meet them. It was also way cool to utilize my own family history and tell them about my family heritage from Samoa and also my great-great grandfather from Japan, people were amazed at our church's programs. After we finished we shared miracles that we saw in the short three hours of dendo and boy was it incredible, we were all so blessed to meet so many people and share the blessings of family history work. Throughout our time during the blitz I felt an overwhelming gratitude for my family heritage. I am grateful for the many sacrifices of ancestors I have never even met but I know they have helped me with missionary work. I am grateful for the legacy of serving the Lord, that my grandparents have instilled in me. I am grateful my parents taught me to put the Lord first and all will always be ok. As I reflected a lot on my family heritage I couldn't help but feel grateful for the support of my family on this earth and on the other side of the veil. During my studies I read through Doctrine & Covenants and felt so much peace and comfort in this scripture D&C 138:57 "I beheld that the faithful elders of this dispensation, when they depart from mortal life, continue their labors in the preaching of the gospel of repentance and redemption, through the sacrifice of the Only Begotten Son of God, among those who are in darkness and under the bondage of sin in the great world of the spirits of the dead." I know that right now my Dad and my Grandpa are working very hard on the other side of the veil, preaching the gospel and it makes me even more excited and grateful to be a missionary alongside of them. This week was emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting but Dansie Shimai and I were able to hit all of our goals! We were so blessed and our hearts were so full it was such a great week full of miracles!!! I thank you all for your love and support!! I love you all!!

Sister Wilson
image1 (4) image2 (3) image3 (3) IMG_2082 IMG_2091 IMG_2098 IMG_2099 IMG_2109 image4
Pics:the top of landmark tower, beautiful city of Yokohama bay from the top of landmark tower, the nomura building that led us to the park, and we had a dinner with Masao shimai!

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