The Simple Testimony of a sweet 8year old girl named Nozomi ちゃん. #HodogayaHooligan‏

Blessed to go to the temple today, love it!!!!!!!
Konnichiwa family and friends!!!

So this past week was the first week in my new area Hodogaya.....funny thing it is right up against Yamate, my bean area...I got here and took one look at the area, saw all the hills and remembered what it was like to be in Yokohama my area is partially in Yokohama but this Ward is in the Fujisawa stake. Anywho my new companion is Sister Brox, from Las Vegas, she's awesome, my first night here we found a new PI, Haruka San, it was a way sweet miracle.

So transfer week was a mess, the hardest thing was saying goodbye to the amazing Tama Ward and the incredible youth, each of them has truly strengthened my testimony in one way or another.  I was so blessed to have been able to work with them and make some incredible memories and have seen some incredible miracles through their faith. The Youth came to the church to bid farewell and write us notes, it was the sweetest thing. I am so grateful I was able to serve in such a wonderful Ward and create eternal friendships with some of my favorite people in Tama. Also had to say goodbye to Junko, Yuka, and Mashiko.....probably one of the most heartbreaking things I have had to do was to leave them. I was worried sick thinking about leaving Junko and Yuka and was worried about the incoming missionaries loving and taking care of them enough. Then I had to take a step back and realize this is the Lord's work, and they are both precious daughters of God and He will always take care of them, that brought me so much comfort!!.....I still bawled the whole time though as we said goodbye. We had dinner and then had to rush off to eikaiwa, gave Yuka and Junko one last hug and my heart just broke seeing Yuka's sad face. I know that the Lord will be watching over them no doubt, so we move forward in faith!

First day in Hodogaya, we found a new friend Haruka San. And I have basically just been overloaded, learning the new area, and Sister Brox kept saying, you're gonna love the people we are working with and to be honest my heart still longed for my friends and investigators in Tama, but as we met the sweet girls we are teaching in Hodogaya, my heart was overjoyed. I just met them and I love them already! I met Tomomi San and she is the sweetest mom with a cute lil 5year old and we had a great lesson with her as we taught the Plan of Salvation, the spirit was great! (Thanks Cam for the awesome Plan of Salvation visual. came in super handy and, Tomomi and our douseki thought it was way cool!) Also met kanko San who the sisters set a baptismal date with already and she is just the sweetest, I am so excited to work with these new women and share the joy of the gospel with them. Also met the Naois who are eternal investigators but love missionaries and the church. They were so sweet and they're adorable at the end, Takeshi volunteered for the prayer, so cute! Also they noticed that missionaries came into their lives just as Takeshi's mom got sick really bad...coincidence?...I think not, they're way cute and we hope they will come to know for themselves that this is the true church. They also have tons of pics from all their missionaries over the last four years and they have it all organized, it reminded me of my moms missionary journal back home. On Sunday, I met the Ward and they are wonderful!!! They were so warm and welcoming and I am super excited to work together, honestly best feeling ever! So we got to be in primary for a little there are these two sweet angels named nozomi chan and megumi chan they are 8 and 10 years old. We cannot technically teach them because we haven't gotten their parents permission, yet but they come to church on their own and actively participate. These girls are truly amazing and the moment I met them you could see the light of Christ in their eyes. I love primary in Japan, nozomi learned more about the prophets in the church, she was so cute when the teacher would ask about which prophet did this and that, she would always answer Josefu sumisu, cause that's the only prophet she knew, it was the cutest thing! I am amazed that these two young girls are willing to come On Their Own and have such pure faith, my testimony was strengthened through their simple, silent example. Well it was fast Sunday and the three of us new missionaries went up to introduce and bare testimonies, the usual. As the meeting went on, many of the members bore such sweet testimonies, and thenmichelle shimais daughter, remi bore a cute lil testimony and then, sweet little nozomi chan got up all on her own and said simply that she met missionaries a couple of months ago and has been coming to church and loves being here and always feels good and special when she is here and is grateful she met missionaries. It was a short simple testimony, but the message behind her humble testimony was powerful. I was astonished
that this sweet little non member 8year old was able to proclaim simple truths, that she is special and truly a daughter of God and
this is a place of refuge and safety amidst the wildest storms of the world. I am so grateful for her beautiful testimony, it was the first time she ever did it but I'm sure she will never forget it. This weekI want to strive to become more like nozomi chan and be meek and humble and have simple yet powerful faith of a child as I  dendo, I'm so grateful to be a missionary for the lords church and to be able to see a tiny sliver of what God sees in these  precious souls. I love my calling and life as a missionary, I love these sweet people who have stolen my heart, and I love my Savior and brother Jesus Christ. I thank you all for the love and support you all give!!

Sister Wilson




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