Sakura season, Easter season…..Good Season for dendo‏ (missionary work)!


Sakura Season
Sakura Season’s Beautiful Blossoms!


It is Sakura season!!!!! Everyone always talks about the Sakura and now finally getting to experience it, they are absolutely beautiful and everyone is on spring break so prime time for dendo!!!

This week sister Brox and I have been so blessed! Ok so the start of our week was all right, we both got pretty nasty sick and has to stay in Tuesday, but after a couple hours I couldn’t stay in any longer, so we went out and visited Nakano shimai who we are working with and it was recently her birthday and we had just baked cookies the night before and felt like we should bring her some, thanks to the spirit we had a birthday treat for her! We had a great lesson with her, and we have tried to help her come back to church and she has promised us this whole week hat she will come but hasn’t, but just yesterday we were so happy when she finally came back and the ward welcomed her back with open arms. Awesome day!

On Wednesday when we were headed to get our new iPads, we were on the train and a Latino man sat next to us and we aren’t supposed to talk to people of the opposite gender but he turns to us and asks us a bunch of questions and we told him we are missionaries and he opened up to us and was like yeah I used to be a missionary and he’s from Ecuador and he has two sons on a mission right now and one son who is preparing to go. I thought about those sons and how I’m sure they are praying for their father to return to the church and was so grateful we crossed paths and could talk to him.He’s been a less active for awhile and the missionaries here didn’t even know about him, so we referred him to them. But it was such a blessing to meet him and we were able to invite him to the Spanish congregation that meets in his area. He was way shocked and kept asking why they have a Spanish speaking branch and we told him God remembers and is mindful of all his children no matter where they are or what they speak and God is waiting for him to return. Talking with Jose and teaching Nakano and shirai shimai always reminds me that no matter where we are in life Christ ‘s arms are always opened to us anxiously awaiting for us to return but honors our agency and waits for us to come back. Being a missionary I have felt a tiny taste of the love God has for many of his children and how he longs for their return, it’s something I wish everyone could feel and know how much he aches for us all to return to him.

On the same day I went on splits to Zama, the English ward and sister Roth and I were able to meet a sweet woman named Hilda from Ghana and we talked to her and told her about our job as missionaries and she said she’s met a bunch in Ghana, it was such a miracle meeting her,mane goes to a different church but after dispelling a couple of myths she might come to church. I’m always amazed at all the different people I have been able to meet here. Stayed the night in Yamato with my Mac comp Gazdik shimai, and we talked about how crazy fast things have happened,not was cool we felt like it was like old times back in Mtc except we speak a lil bit better Japanese…I’m way grateful for the eternal friendships I have been able to make while on a mission!

So this week we were able to teach Sakura chan who is 16yrs old and hikari chan who is 15yrs old and they are both so sweet and have a genuine desire to learn. Sakura knows a little about the bible but they both have very limited knowledge about Christ let alone God and who they both are. As we have been trying to help them, I have thought about what my life would be like without the knowledge of God or Christ in my life and it was tough to imagine not having God or Christ to rely on in life. They both expressed different interests in what they want to know, but the underlying interest they both had was hope. I realized how much hope the knowledge of God and Christ has brought in my life and how much I want them to feel the blessing of the knowledge of God and Christ in their lives. We had district meaning and our district leader talked about the new Easter video the church put it out and said how they have been trying to figure out how to effectively share this video in dendo. Most of the people here have a limited knowledge of Jesus Christ and the limited knowledge they know is he died on a Christ and that is all. But What some of these people do not know is the hope that came after his death on the cross from his resurrection. Christ conquered death and sin and because of him we too can overcome death and rise above our faults as he did, Christ truly is the greatest hope. In preparation for Easter I have been reading about Christs resurrection and after coming to his disciples he exhorts them to preach his gospel. I am grateful I have this privilege of sharing the hope of Christ with my friends in Japan and truly teach them that through Christ all things are possible. I love my savior and grateful this Easter season to help others come to know about their savior Jesus Christ! I hope this Easter season we can remember that the source of all hope stems from Jesus Christ.

Love you all!!

Wilson shimai

P.s. Conference is this weekend but we won’t be watching it till next
week 😦 bummer but enjoy your conference weekends mate!!!!



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