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Easter fun at game night


Transfer emails came in and I’m leaving Hodogaya and going to Hachioji, back to Machida stake. I feel like I just got here and now I have to leave, I have really come to love the people here and am going to miss them a ton, but I’m excited for new challenges and experiences.

Ok so this week in a nutshell, on Thursday I went on splits in kamakura and it was way awesome. Since its Sakura season, we take advantage of it and talk to people about the beauty of nature. Sister Bennett and I were able to talk to a ton of people walking the streets, it was a great. On our way to a lesson a lady on the train caught my eye, she wasn’t wearing anything flashy or didn’t stand out in anyway, but I felt like we should sit with her. She seemed entranced watching the Sakura from the window on the train and I almost didn’t want to interrupt her, but I started talking to her and told her I was a missionary. She pulled back and did a couple of double takes and thought she got scared of me, ( being foreigners a lot of the time when we start talking to people or introduce that we are missionaries they get a lil freaked out, it’s life. It happens.) But anyway I was ready for her to brush us off, but she was like, you’re Mormon, right?…we were like yeah we are!!! We began talking and she told us how she had met missionaries awhile ago and they were always so kind and she still has the Book of Mormon they gave her. She said I don’t remember very much when I studied with them, but one thing she will never forget is her favorite song they would sing, and then she began singing I am a child of God IN ENGLISH, we joined in with her and sang in a tiny lil train station. This sweet little Japanese woman touched my heart that day. Through her unknowing lil testimony she testified that we truly are children of God and God remembers each of us, he knows us personally and blesses people in our path to learn and grow from one another. We talked a lil about God and invited her to church and she said she would love to come. It was an awesome experience and I’m way grateful we were able to meet this sweet spirit and be reminded that when you are on the lord’s errand, no effort is ever wasted people truly do remember the truth we teach them and to never ignore a prompting of the spirit.

On Friday we had a lesson planned with Naomi shimai, but last minute had to cancel. We didn’t have a back up plan but felt like we should visit megumi and nozomi chan, we have been working to try and meet their mom so we can work towards getting permission to officially teach them. We visited and lone behold their mom was not home, but the girls said their dad would be coming home soon. We waited and we were about ready to leave when their dad came home, he was a little confused as to why to Americans were standing on his porch at night, but as we introduced ourselves his skepticism quickly faded away. We told him who we were and he said how happy he is that his girls are always happy when they go to church and he thinks it’s great they come. We found out he loves history and has researched a couple of churches, he didn’t know too much about our church but from the girls he has looked at the Book of Mormon, and knows a little bit. Man they are already such good missionaries! We told him a bit about the church and gave him a church introduction booklet, and he was grateful. It was such a miracle to meet him, for the past 7-8 months sisters have tried meeting the parents but they’re so busy they don’t have time, and no one has met the dad, so it was a tender mercy!

So on Saturday we had our day planned out, but things fell through and we were a little diminished that our teaching plans had fallen through, but thought about how great it was that this weekend was easter weekend, so we got up and decided we would go out and easter dendo. We didn’t know how we would do it, but we wanted to share a message about hope and were determined to do it. We went to go find plastic egg shells and fill them with candy to pass out to people on    the street but there was not a Single egg shell to be found, so we settled for some easter candy and with basket in hand passed out candy and wished people happy easter. Many of the people didn’t even know it was easter or if they did said they weren’t Christian, to which we were able to explain to them that we celebrate Easter in honor of Jesus Christ and his ressurrection and because he was resurrected so will be, no matter if we are Christian or not. Easter dendo was awesome, we were able to explain the real meaning of Easter to a ton of people on the street and at the park, we ran into two sweet Filipina ladies who were catholic and we shared with them the Easter video and the spirit was so strong, we were able to discuss the differences in our religion and answer many questions they had about Mormons. It was wonderful, I love Easter dendo!! Ended the day sharing about Easter with some of my fave people at game night, complete with egg dying, and a mini egg hunt, to educate our friends on how we celebrate Easter in America.

Easter Sunday was the bomb, met with sweet little Mariko Saito San and taught her about Easter, and went to have dinner with the shutohs and had the most amazing okonomiyaki! It was so sweet, they had a mini Easter egg hunt for us. I am so grateful for the shutoh family and the tsutsumi’s example they all have such strong testimonies, and I was grateful to be gathered with them on Easter and be able to feel the spirit as we shared about Easter. I am so grateful for a loving savior who made all things possible through his everlasting atonement. I am grateful for the unyielding love and hope that comes from the miracle of Christs resurrection. I am grateful to be a missionary in the Japan Tokyo South Mission and to wake up each day and share this special message of love and hope to the people here. Thank you all for the love and support! 愛しています!!

Wilson shimai

Ps. Fun stuff went to kamakura with a bunch of sisters and found a
local brother and his girlfriend walking the street, turned out he’s
from laie #laieboys…maybe?



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