Transfer 7 and I’m feeling like I’m in heaven, #BackinMachida‏

Naoi shimai and flower viewing 花見


Well I am now in Hachioji and life could not be better, the more I’m here the better everything gets! Ahh the Lord is just spoiling us down here, life is just too good. But here are the updates from this past week:

So transfer weeks are always a blur, packing and saying goodbyes are never easy. Although my time in hodogaya was much too short, I felt grateful to have learned the lessons I needed to learn and meet the people I needed to meet. On Tuesday I had to say goodbye to the Naois and Nakano shimai, Naomi shimai and then had to say goodbye to my sweet girls megumi and nozomi chan, probably the most heartbreaking part of transfers ever. It’s crazy to all these people I am probably just another missionary walking in and transferring from their life, but these people, their faces and the incredible experiences are forever etched in my heart.

Thursday I transferred into Hachioji, I don’t know what it is about machida stake, I’m pretty sure it is the amazing people here, but as I transferred in, everything just felt right, despite having to leave the people in hodogaya I felt oddly confident in being in Hachioji. I love in a four man apartment now for the first time with my companion sister reeves from Houston Texas, and the two other sisters, sister Wilde and sister yamaguchi. It’s funny we are all way different but get along great, it’s way fun! Hachioji is more of a city feel and not as suburbia as my previous area. My first day dendoing out here, we were able to meet an investigator, Gotou San, who the sisters have been trying to visit forever, we were able to teach her the restoration and it was great!

This past weekend was the absolute best!! Since the translation takes a bit of time, we watch conference a week later but it was wonderful! I feel like a verse in doctrine and covenants section 121 sums up my conference weekend pretty good
Thy friends do stand by thee, and they shall hail thee again with warm hearts and friendly hands.
(D&C 121:9)

I was greeted with some of the warmest hearts and friendly handshakes from some of my favorite people from tama ward. It was one sweet, big reunion! It was good to see especially the youth of the ward, their spirits are as strong as ever, it was wonderful to see sweet mebu chan and rei and aika chan, my heart was so full and emotional! It was so wonderful to see the same loving faces excited to tell me about all that had been going in, in one transfer they have had three baptisms there, they had a beautiful glow about them! Something about being in the machida stake feels heartwarming and has a ‘homey’ feel to it. So not only was the reunion sweet, but we were able to be uplifted by the words of the prophets, can you say best weekend ever?! Every single talk was exactly what I needed to hear, seriously everything was on point. The lord truly speaks through his prophets, each question I had was answered through the messages that were spoken this conference. So much good stuff a couple things I really enjoyed was, from elder andersens talk in helping others learn and listen for the music of the gospel. It’s so true, especially as missionaries, we can sometimes become caught up in teaching these people the dance, or doctrines and principles of the gospel, but only through the spirit can they hear the music of the gospel and when they are able to put two and two together it truly does become a work of art. Its incredible how beautiful and perfect the lords plan for each of us is. I loved elder causse ‘s address about looking but not really seeing and hearing but not really listening, he emphasized that we should always and continually treasure up the marvels of this gospel, never become complacent. I loved what elder cook said:
When God’s children pray to Him in their native language, that is the language of their heart. It is clear that the language of the heart is precious to all people……..
It is important for members to understand the gospel in the language of their heart so they can pray and act in accordance with gospel principles…………
Even with diversity of languages and beautiful, uplifting cultural traditions, we must have hearts knit in unity and love.”
 When I was younger I thought it was amazing God could understand so many prayers in so many diverse languages, and have come to know that it is the language of their heart which is communicating to him. it’s been something I have come to learn on my mission as I struggled to learn Japanese and felt like I couldn’t express myself in such a complicated language. But as I came to understand that as long as your heart is drawn out in prayer sincerely to Heavenly Father, he hears all those unspoken words being said in your heart as I state what I do know simply. I have witnessed so many people speak the language of their hearts to a loving Heavenly Father and it has strengthened my testimony that he truly is listening and personally knows us. I am so grateful for the leaders of this church and the wise counsel we have been so blessed with and I’m even more excited to charge it with those in Hachioji! I love you all! 愛しています。
Wilson shimai
The ward, eikaiwa kiddies, Naomi shimai, and pretty garden with naoi shimai
IMG_0244 IMG_0251IMG_0236IMG_0208
Elders Christensen, Livingston,Suzuki,frischknecht and sister Brox and I
The DISTRICT…Elders Christensen, Livingston,Suzuki,frischknecht and sister Brox and I
Naoi shimai and flower viewing 花見
Naoi shimai and flower viewing 花見

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