The Music of the Gospel Brings Miracles!!!!!!‏

Sunday fun day with the Nakazawa’s and Tsukada’s

Konnichiwa everybody!!!!

This was only my second week in Hachioji and it was amazing, I’m sure I probably say that every week, but it really is just incredible!!! So this week, sister Reeves and I decided we would make more of a conscious effort to follow every prompting from the spirit, no matter how weird or scary it seemed and it resulted in a ton of miracles and meeting some great people! Here are the #HachiojiHappenings :On Wednesday we went out for sushi with the other sisters to go visit a less active who hasn’t been to church in ages, and we didn’t get to really talk with her so we went to go visit a couple of other less actives, who both ended up not being home, but the in between those two plans that didn’t go through we saw some sweet miracles. On our way to sushi, we ran into Becky from the Kawasaki ward, she’s the best and we were overjoyed to run into her. Haha because we were with the other sisters, I told her God wanted all four of us to tell her he loved her, she was way shocked but way happy, it was great seeing her. After not being able to visit any of our less active sisters, we got on the train and decided to talk to a seemingly shy girl with blue hair. We started talking to her and her smile began to brighten we explained who we were and she was immediately interested, she said how she really didn’t know anything about Jesus Christ but she had wanted to read the bible. We introduced the Book of Mormon, and testified about how it changed our lives, she eagerly accepted it, but unfortunately she lives way in up north Tokyo, but she is pretty set on maybe visiting the church up north. We were so grateful we were able to be on that train and introduce the church to akiyu San. On the train right after that, we talked to this way spunky college girl named shiori San and she said how she is interested in hearing our message and would love to hear our message, #yeah! Such a blessing!

Ok next day we had a lesson lined up with our investigator Kurokawa San, and we had a member waiting and she was a no show but I guess she’s pretty old so we decided to look for her at the train station. Well we searched for her and could not find her and she wouldn’t answer her phone, so we headed back to church to let the member know but continued to search for her, I thought this one lady we walked past was her, but she wasn’t but we decided to talk to her as she looked at us she realized she had met reeves shimai before. Her name is ootake San and she actually lives in good ol tama, but comes to Hachioji once a week for the doctors which is conveniently right near the church where the sisters had previously met her. She loves English and immediately asked if she could study with her, so we said yeah and walked to the church and she was able to meet our sweet member yagi shimai and talk with her and set up an appointment to meet her again. It was a crazy blessing that even though it did not work out, god’s plans don’t just fall through, they fall into another plan which we can still carry out. We were also able to meet with sweet Gotou San and teach her about the Book of Mormon. She has a little bit of a mental handicap, but despite her weaknesses she tries and earnestly wants to learn, she inspires me to strive to desire to understand gods will more fully. We also were able to meet with a sweet lady named Hiura San who faithfully comes to church every week but will not take lessons, by we were able to build a good relationship with her, and she speaks Osaka Japanese, way different from the normal Japanese we know here in Tokyo, but all in all every plan that we had fell through, but amazingly everyone of gods plans fell right into place for each of the people we were able to meet with.

The following day, we were on our way to our lesson, and met a sweet lady named emiko San who is a member of the soka gakkai church I don’t know too much about them but they almost always shut us down, but she talked to us and despite differences in opinion, she was sweet and respectful it was refreshing to speak and not have someone get freaked out or tell us we are wasting our time, we thought it was a nice blessing. Ok we also had a lesson with hoang, who is this sweet college girl from Vietnam, who speaks no English and very limited Japanese, how we were going to talk to her, we were confounded, but the lord provided away….an awesome less active member Thuy, who is literally busy everyday every hour was off finally and could come as we went to visit hoang with Thuy, she opened the door and they screamed and hugged realizing they knew each other, Thuy was her mentor like person in their Japanese course but haven’t seen one another due to busy schedules. Well we were able to teach her about God, and Thuy translated when hoang could not understand. Hoang has like no religious background so everything was new to her, well slowly during the lesson as we taught her she was a daughter of God the spirit was able to speak to her and she understood and felt that it was true. As we taught her about prayer, she recognized that God was like a friend she could talk to, she was astonished, she didn’t know you could pray to him whenever. Thuy shimais powerful testimony really invited the spirit as she told her how God is perfect and because he’s perfect he gives us perfect advice whenever we need help or when we need someone to listen to us, he’s not like any normal friend who gives advice that may or may not work, his help is infinite and u limited if we will just ask for it. It was a great lesson and Thuy shimais witness as a member herself helped change hoangs heart that night. ( on a side note it felt like I was in Cali hearing so much Vietnamese being spoken it was funny lol).

Ok Saturday, we visited an investigator who will not answer and set up an appointment finally after weeks….then we went housing and met two way cute high school girls niriko and moeka. We also met tsujimura San and had a great conversation about God on the train. Well, sister reeves saw a girl in a crazy pink outfit but felt like we should talk to her and she was his way sweet Chinese girl studying in Japan and although she doesn’t have any Christian background, she is willing to meet us again. Later in the evening, we met two more high school girls who asked us to be in their selfies, I have no idea why other than the fact that we are gaijin. But hey we were able to invite them to church.
Sunday I finally got to meet the ward and they were wonderful!!! I love them already they are such a strong bunch of members and the biggest ward I have ever been in. They were all so warm and loving I’m so excited to serve here!! We had an awesome shokuji with the nakazawas and tsukada families, so much fun!!! Bishop nakazawa has five beautiful daughters that I got to know and we had a great time sharing a spiritual message and having a game together and getting to know one another, they are a spiritual powerhouse, you could tell by the powerful spirit we felt in their home! Loved it!!!!
This week I was asked to give a training on the talk from conference, the music of the gospel. I thought a lot about the miracles we saw this week and why this week was different, I noticed that as sister reeves and I actively sought the music through following the spiritual promptings and not compromising, we were able to see the music unfold and were able to dance and help others dance along with us and hear the sweet music. Elder Andersen said” The challenge for all of us who seek to teach the gospel is to expand the curriculum beyond just the dance steps. Our children’s[INVESTIGATORS] happiness depends on their ability to hear and love the beautiful music of the gospel.”  It’s like at a dance when you see those wallflowers and they just watch the dance or pretend to be involved in some distraction of some sort, you go out take them by the hand and you start out slow and show them how to bust a move and pretty soon you’re all dancing and having a great time. As we desire true happiness for our friends and family we will want to help them not only dance to the music but Hear it and Love it too. I hope you can find someone to dance with this week and take em out and teach them to LISTEN and LOVE the music of the gospel with you!!!! Love you all!!
Sister Wilson
Kiti and yu chan that asked us to selfie with them
Kiti and yu chan that asked us to selfie with them
Kiti and yu chan that asked us to selfie with them
Hoang and Thuy crazy awesome lesson
Hoang and Thuy crazy awesome lesson
Sho San
Sho San
H for Hachioji sisters yamaguchi, Wilde, me, and sister reeves
H for Hachioji sisters yamaguchi, Wilde, me, and sister reeves

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IMG_0310IMG_0309IMG_0307 IMG_0301 IMG_0297


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