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Hello everybody!!! I say it every week but life here is amazing, honestly sister reeves and I have been ridiculously blessed, God is putting some great people in our Path and trusting us with so much, so we are just working hard to be focused, work hard, work smart and most importantly work inspired!

Ok Tuesday was great, I feel like God knows exactly what we need in the precise time we need it. We had a great zone meeting and were fired up and ready and we decided to visit a couple of less actives and a member, we were not success Paul in meeting with anyone and everyone we invited to hear our message could not be bothered, but sister reeves and I had hope that someone would listen. Finally, we were able to share a brief message with a sweet little lady named Ito San, she had no interest, but we were able to show her the because of him video and she was touched that someone she doesn’t really know could do so much for her. As we were headed home we met the craziest oba chan ever! Her name is sumie San and we started introducing our message, but she couldn’t be bothered, she proceeded to tell us how we were her little dolls and how kawaii we were and obsessed over us and did not want to leave our side and followed us to a bus…..to say the least, sister reeves and I had a great laugh! She had shepherded us to a bus that we didn’t care to take, but we met a sweet high school girl named riko San, definitely wasn’t a coincidence meeting her. Despite things not always going as expected, we definitely recognized Gods hand in our efforts that day. He definitely utilizes people along our paths to brighten the way. Like the prophets say, happiness is not only the destination but the journey, life is too good not to live it up!

Thursday we were able to meet with M San who has been an investigator for quite some time. As we talked she told us how she met missionaries five years ago, as they were trying to find an investigator at a boarding home whom she runs. She said how they looked so tired and something touched her that they were doing such a good thing to help others. She was so sweet and we want so much for her, we told her how God has led us to her and we know he is reaching out to her because he loves her. She disagreed and said how it was by chance, the missionaries were looking for someone else. We then were able to testify that often times as missionaries we think we are looking for someone, but most often it leads us to find who God needs us to find. I think the spirit was able to touch her heart for that brief minute, she could feel gods love. After, we changed our plans and decided to dendo in an area neither one of us had ever been and realized that it lead us to a massive hill stacked with homes, so we of course had to climb to the very top and began housing, we felt a little dehydrated and thought maybe we should go get some water, but then felt like we should continue. We continued and literally no one was answering for some time, but then a little old man named watanabe San came hobbling out of his home and we started to teach him, he is very old and has Parkinson’s disease and feels like he has lost hope, their is no cure for him and his wife has passed on. We listened with love as he told us how he is near death and our efforts are wasted on him, but we told him God loves him and it’s amazing when people hear that simple yet powerful phrase but you can see in their face that a piece of them knows he does love them, they may not always recognize it or realize it, but deep down they know and as missionaries we are here to help them remember that love again. We didn’t get to talk to anyone else really, but were grateful to have climbed this gigantic hill for sweet lil watanabe San to help him remember the love his Heavenly Father has for him. The miracles continued, we went to visit Thuy shimai, a Vietnamese less active, talked with her shortly and as we were leaving who do we see coming in, lil hoang San, surprise visiting Thuy!!! She was so cute and surprised! On our way back we talked to a sweet woman named masa San, if you were to simply judge her from surface level, you might not approach her with her skimpy clothes and faddish style and didn’t look totally warm and welcoming but felt like we should talk with her, we were able to learn about her and see how far she has come, it looks like she’s been through a lot and we were able to talk with her shortly before we left and share how we bring hope to others and saw her finally crack a smile behind her thick make up and felt so much love for her. Being on a mission has made me so grateful that I am able to see others as God sees them and feel the love he has for them, sometimes it feels overwhelming, but I am so so grateful to see a sliver of what he sees in others.

Ok biggest miracle of the week was with our sweet new bestie, yamauchi San!! Ok so the sisters right before me met her on the street and simply said hi talked briefly and gave her their business card, well three weeks later she called us and wanted to meet. We had no idea what to expect but felt very hopeful. Long story short it was hectic in actually meeting up with her but we finally did and she is a fireball! She is 82years old, loves to talk, loves sports, and stays
up until 1am at night to watch them. Something about her felt so
inspired, she told us how she felt a very warm feeling when she met the sisters, that day and said she felt like it was fate, well she
then told us how she is from Nagasaki ken, which happens to be where great great great grandpa Masao Nomura is from….coincidence, I think not!….granted Nagasaki ken is very big and probably has a ton of people, but I couldn’t help but think how grateful I was to teach someone from the hometown of my great great great grandpa. She loves a talk and we had a great and very long first meeting, but she said how she wants to learn and come to church!!!……Hallelujah!

So Sunday we ended up having two people attend sacrament meeting, the members were way fired up and took initiative in taking care of our other investigator Hiura San at stake conference. The stake presidency has now been reorganized, our former stake president, tokozawa kaichou was called as an area seventy and president savstrom will be the new stake president of the machida stake. The testimonies shared were beautiful, yamauchi San said how touched she was to see so many members. I especially enjoyed hearing from the elder and sister aoyagi, (side note you should read an article from liahona January 2015 from elder aoyagi, he is the man!!) I respect and love them both so much, they expressed so much love for the gospel and testified and bore a beautiful testimony of the savior. It helped yamauchi San feel the spirit very strong. Also got to see some of my favorite tama people. Well after stake conference we were able to have another lesson with yamauchi San, I mean this woman is great, she’s 82 and just keeps going. She asked us why we are here, so she can believe us, she is ridiculously prepared! We told her of why we come out as missionaries. Then she came to the baptism, both she and Hiura San came and it was awesome. It was a double baptism, of a cute lil 8 year old in the ward, satori chan and the elders investigator oishii San, who is 88 years old! The service was great, and yamauchi San really felt the spirit and expressed that despite she had been baptized into another Christian church previously she wants to know more about our baptisms, she was also touched that oishii San who is not too far off from her age was baptized!!! So many good miracles, sister reeves and I were floored!!!!! The beauty of the gospel is, no matter who you are, where you’ve come from or where you’ve been, or if you’re 88 or 8 years old each is a child of God. Through the gospel of Jesus Christ we can come to know and love our savior Jesus Christ and carry on the path back home to a loving Heavenly Father who eagerly awaits our return. I am beyond grateful to share this message of hope and love the gospel brings to each of us! May we all continue to thank God for the rain and the little trials along our path that eventually lead to the joy of the rainbow in the end! I love you all!!!

Wilson shimai

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