Finding those Flecks of Gold

Hello all the way from Hachioji!!!!

Temple……isn’t it about time?! Today was temple pday and even though we get to go to the temple every transfer it felt like it was too long to be away! I’m so grateful for the peace and love you can feel in the temple despite the craziness and amidst challenges you can always count on the temple to pick your spirits up!

So I absolutely love the elderly on japan (aka obachan and ojichans) they are the cutest! During our morning work outs, we either go to Rajio taiso (basically it’s where all the old folks gather and work out together and do a set routine from a radio) or taichii which we found when running by a nearby park. We have definitely discovered why Japanese people live like forever, some say their diet, but I think it’s the taichii an Rajio taiso every morning! They are all so energetic and welcoming, they think of us like their own grandchildren, it’s the cutest thing. Speaking of our favorite 82 year old obachan who tells us to call her our older sister miss yamauchi San has met with us a couple times this week. At our lesson on Tuesday, we taught her the restoration in depth, one thing that really stood out to her was that our church, The church of JESUS CHRIST and of Latter-Day Saints is literally named Christ’s church, she felt like that was something special. We shared with a scripture from 3Nephi 27:

“7 Therefore, whatsoever ye shall do, ye shall do it in my name;
therefore ye shall call the church in my name; and ye shall call upon
the Father in my name that he will bless the church for my sake.”

This church is called in Christs name because it literally is his
church, he leads his church through a modern day prophet, president Thomas s. Monson. She felt the spirit so strong and said how she truly does feel that God has guided her towards this path in her life, it was great! The lesson was three and a half hours long, so long that our member attending had to leave haha but we continued and testified that this truly is Christ’s church and as his representatives we teach his truths, well the lesson went on and our sweet friend yamauchi San, agreed to follow the saviors example and has chosen to be baptized on the sixth of June!! We are so excited for her and her decision, she has such a beautiful light and you can’t help but be happy when you’re around her!

As we have been able to meet with members this week, we have been teaching them about how we can find those that have been prepared through simple service. Elder Ballard gave a great talk called finding joy through loving service, in it he said, “Through our heartfelt kindness and service, we can make friends with those whom we serve. From these friendships come better understanding of our devotion to the gospel and a desire to learn more about us.” The members in Hachioji are wonderful they each are so eager and ready to serve, after meeting with ichikawa shimai, immediately after our lesson with her, she came out and taught a lesson with us to our friend Gotou San! I am amazed by their love and joy of sharing the gospel! They clearly demonstrate what elder Ballard said,” The future growth of the Church will not happen through just knocking on strangers’ doors. It will happen when the members, along with our missionaries, filled with the love of God and Christ discern needs and respond to those needs in the spirit of charitable service.” As we have given simple service it has opened numerous doors to people’s hearts, one being mineko San, as we have served her we have felt her open up slowly more and more, it has been a great opportunity to serve those around us. Simple acts of service help us to find those flecks of gold, or those that God has prepared for us to share the gospel with, so I encourage you to reach out to someone today, whether it be a simple or big act of love and kindness, but don’t put it off start today, to make someone else’s day a little brighter.

A couple of quick small line miracles, we were on a train and striked up a convo with an elderly lady and as soon as we said we were missionaries, she was like no way, I met the boy version of you and they gave me a blue book, we pulled out our Book of Mormon and she started freaking out “yeah that one!” She was way surprised and stunned and she was so happy we took a pic and exchanged numbers and she is coming to church this week yay!!!!! Ok second one, a few weeks ago I talked about the 88year old man baptized, oishii San, well this past weekend he was confirmed, and his family came. Idk if I mentioned it, but oishii has been coming to church here for 10years, and finally in the last five weeks began taking lessons. After church we had a meal with al, the missionaries, their family(oishii San, his non member wife, daughter, and grand daughter) and he wonderful kitahara family! It was one big family home evening with a strong spirit of love and Christ, they felt so loved and will be coming to church again!!! Yayyyy for future eternal families!!!! 🙂

The flecks of gold are waiting to be found, go out and serve someone, share some love, especially share some love with your mom, grandma, aunt or whoever this Mother’s Day!!! Life is good, the people are amazing here, I love Hachioji!!!!!

Love you all thanks for the love and prayers!!

Sister Wilson

Splits with yamaguchi shimai! She’s my fave!!!! Went housing and took a Book of Mormon selfie lol




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