New Heights in Hachioji‏

This week was transfer week and President Wada has changed it up a bit, we now get our transfer calls on Saturday instead of Monday and we leave to our new area on Monday instead of Thursday now, it’s all been quite an adjustment. But anyway we got transfer plans, and I will be staying in Hachioji and sister reeves and I will be training a new missionary. We are excited (and of course very nervous) for this new opportunity, but prepared for whatever the lord has in store for us. And I will be a sister training leader with Sis Reeves…Here we goooooo!

The happenings for this week were, on Thursday, it was ridiculously hot and we went and visited three people who were not home and tried talking to people on the streets and maybe it was the heat getting to people but literally no one would talk. Well that’s mission life, you roll with what the Lord places before you and just when you feel like you’re at the end and the sun is beating on you and it’s about time to head back, the Lord allows us to meet sweet people like Takugawa San. We had a brief conversation with her and found out she was given a Book of Mormon. No we didn’t have some super crazy miracle and she’s gonna be baptized, we didn’t even get her number, but we were able to simply testify that the Book of Mormon changes lives, it contains truth and if she reads it and asks God if it’s true, he will answer her and know that it is true. We ended up walking twice as far as we had planned with her, but we were so grateful the Lord blessed us to cross her path.

This week we had what is called questions of the soul, President Wada used to be the president of Universal Studios Japan. He knows a lot about movies, so he utilizes them to convey gospel messages and how we can apply them. In this question of the soul, we watched parts of the Dead Poet’s Society and discussed Jesus Christ’s sermon on the mount. Yamauchi San came with us and her faith in Christ was strengthened. She was so cute, taking notes and what not. It has been beautiful to watch her faith in Christ build each time we teach her, she is progressing and has so much desire to follow Christ. I learn so much from teaching her, I sometimes feel like I’m more of the one being taught. It was a great night!!

On Monday we went to BYU’s Wind Symphony and went with tokita shimai and yamauchi San. Members are literally key in missionary always so grateful for the strength of members and when they warmly welcome those we teach. We went to the concert and yamauchi San loved it and was impressed by the students. After, we actually ran into the missionary that found and baptized tokita shimai. She was able to talk with yamauchi San a bit and it was great to see a little missionary chain where this member Saito shimai met and helped tokita shimai find the gospel and now tokita shimai was helping yamauchi San. In God’s plan there are no coincidences, he truly guides his work and uses us to bring about great good. I am so grateful to be a missionary.

I’m not gonna lie, I am nervous and a little terrified with this new transfer, but know the Lord will help me, he’s never let me down before, but has helped me climb to newer heights and see a greater picture for not only my life but those around me. One thing I learned from a missionary leader here was, as leaders we need to be windows looking towards heaven for missionaries, members, investigators whoever. As they look through us, they look toward heaven and see Jesus Christ through us. Cheers to new opportunities and experiences!

Wilson shimai

President Wada and my 82year old best friend


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