Reunited with my fave shimai for leadership counsel

こんにちは 皆さん!!!!!!!!

Well I think it’s safe to say we are finally past the rainy season and into full blown summer mode. It’s been raining nonstop but halfway during the week there was no more rain and just humidity for days, but now everyone is prepping for summer matsuri(festival) and everyone’s happy, which makes for some good dendo!!! 🙂

So every week some of the women in the ward sign up to meet with Us and we share a spiritual message with them. This week, we met with kitahara shimai, our relief society president and while we met with her we asked to hear her conversion story. She explained how she went to BYUH and met a return missionary from Japan,he talked to her and told her about how his family was wealthy but later on became pretty poor, but amidst all of their trials they remained happy because despite their changing circumstances, their family was grounded in the gospel and that was all the happiness they needed. Kitahara shimai felt the spirit and recognized that that is what she wanted in her life, to build a family like that, not too much later, she was baptized on a beach in laie and five kids, many grandkids, and years later she revisited that same spot where she Covenanted with God to always follow him on that little beach in laie and said how she reflected on how great her life has been and she said as she thought to herself, ‘I made the right decision’ she heard a faint voice that said, ‘you didn’t choose me, I chose you.’ The spirit overwhelmed her as she felt the love of her Heavenly Father.

I reflected a lot on kitahara shimai’s powerful conversion story and read John 15:16 “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.” Being a missionary here in Japan has truly been a humbling experience to know that Heavenly Father has specifically hand picked me to be here in Hachioji to meet the people I meet everyday and reunite with friends I knew before. As I reflect on the knowledge that God not only knows me and has placed me exactly where I need to be, but also loves my rajio taiso friends, the little woman with pink hair who talks to herself, our 80yr old neighbor ebata San,our new eikaiwa student Tomita San; he knows all of these friends personally and has helped each of us to be where we are now in order to come unto Christ and one day return to him. God’s plans for his children are perfect and as I continue to follow his plan I know that in the end everything will all work out.

This has been one interesting week, sister Demoss and I have invited many people to meet with us or to hear our message and either have declined or no one gets back to us. We have walked over an hour in the heat of the day to meet a less active only to find out that our address was wrong, we have gone to visit a promising referral only to find that her supposed home is a bar, amidst the rejection we have experienced this week we have felt gods love very strongly for the people here. One in particular is little Yuna chan and Kanon chan. These two little girls are 11 and 7 years old, their mom has been less active for many years but again by the grace of God and constant love shown from the ward has returned and brought with her the two sweetest little girls you’ll ever meet. Kanon chan will turn 8 in September and so we are working with their home teachers, the kashiwas and helping them prepare and learn the gospel for their baptism on September 26th. Because they are so young we teach very simply, but I’m amazed at their pure heart and faith. As kashiwa shimai taught the lesson on Sunday we each felt the spirit so strong and were able to feel the love God has for these precious little girls. We also felt the love God had for Haruka San as she came out of the blue to church on her own and were able to teach her about temples during sacrament.

God has chosen each of us individually to be in the areas that we are in, wherever that may be, to go and reach out to our friends, our brothers and sisters and help them remember the plan God laid out for us. As we come to enter understand how intricate and perfect his plan is, I know we are able to share this message of love with those loved ones. I love being a missionary, each day is different and has its unique trials but the moments that I’m able to meet people like sister Kobayashi, Yuna chan, and Kanon chan make it all worth it!
Sister Natalie Wilson
image1-20From left to right: Sister Kobayashi, Yuna chan, Kanon chan,me in the back: Brother and Sister Kashiwa, and my cute lil’ companion Sister Demoss 
image2-18#BESTIES being with these little girls makes me miss my favorite sister Nicole:(! They definitely are my other long lost sisters. Btw mom I totally invited them to stay and live with me in Cali so……よろしくね

IMG_1050My faves – My brother Yutaro the mate from Hawaii and baby girl number 2 Demoss shimai


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