If Destiny Calls…Answer!‏

Ran into one of my companions, who returned home but was visiting Japan with her family, sweet sister Dansie after I picked up my new companion. Love her!


Beginning of a new transfer always brings new experiences. Demoss shimai and I were together until Thursday and on Monday witnessed a sweet miracle, a former investigator messaged and said that she needed to meet with Us, we weren’t sure why but gladly agreed. As we met with her, we realized she was feeling really down into a depression and was not sure where to turn to and said she prayed and needed help and called us up. We were so overjoyed she first turned to God for help and was willing to meet with Us. When I first came into Hachioji, she had turned down being taught due to an unfortunate experience and told us she no longer wanted to learn and declined many times after that, but through gods guidance we were able to re invite her once more and her heart was softened and she agreed to start lessons again. 運命ですね。

Well, my sweet French speaking, Japanese slaying Baby girl Demoss shimai has flown the nest and gone on to serve the lord in our neighboring ward of takao(it’s literally two stations down, so I’ll still be able to see her a bunch!). My new companion is sister Watkins from Minnesota. She’s great and we hit the transfer running. We got another call from the elders former investigator one day, who was not interested in learning about the gospel with us, but she called us up and asked to meet. As we met together she told us of the struggles and trials she was dealing with, and we were able to share with her the love Jesus Christ has for her, although she does not know him very well, he knows her perfectly and knows how to help her in her struggles. I have met this woman only once before, but the difference in her demeanor was so much softer and as we shared our message with her, I noticed she was smiling a lot more than she had before. The gospel is a beautiful thing, I have seen it seep in and soften the hardest of hearts and change a persons nature. We also invited her to continue to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she too said she wants to know more. 運命ですね。

Sister Watkins and my first day together we had a great lesson and then planned to explain the area to her as we weekly planned. If there’s one prominent lesson I have learned from my mission is, when God calls on you and presents another plan you go forward in faith and run with it. Our first full day, sister Watkins was still pretty jet lagged and barely awake as we returned home in the evening,poor thing, while we were about to make dinner but the elders called and said a less active woman named nakamura San called had time and wanted to meet with the sisters and wanted to meet now. So we dropped everything and We looked through our area books and the elders asked around and no one seemed to know this mysterious less active woman. A little confused and not knowing at all what to expect, we headed back to church and as we came to the church nakamura San came riding up saying she was lost and looking for the church, the timing was impeccable. We introduced ourselves and began talking with her inside thinking she was a less active we talked about how she met missionaries, she had met them ten years ago and had come to eikaiwa and church a few times in the past. Still thinking she was a less active, I asked her about her friends in the ward, and she said she didn’t have any, as we began to talk and realized she didn’t know too much and asked her about baptism, she said she didn’t know anything about it. Quickly we realized she was not a less active nor a member, we’ll win one mystery solved we asked her about why she had called the missionaries and she told us when she meets God she does not want him to be angry with her and so began expressing her interest in learning how she can stand blameless before God. We assured her she was at the right place and we would help her to feel of gods love and how each of us can be cleansed through the redeeming power of the atonement of Jesus Christ. This sweet woman came to us with a broken and humbled heart and was yearning for the place to quench her thirst for truth and answers. It was a great meeting as we felt the spirit with her. 運命ですよ。

This week, none of our plans went the way we thought it would, but as God unfolded his work for us in a phone call or through a message, we were grateful to have followed his call to us in faith and were blessed to meet such wonderful people. President wada tells us to boldly to declare to people when they say they have met people from our church or have had a run in with the church, to boldly declare 運命ですね (unmei desu ne) and tell them it’s a destiny, that this is God reaching out to them in love and beckoning them to return to him. I am so grateful to be a small part of such a great and marvelous work. I know that in this life there truly are no coincidences, but it is through the grace of God that we meet the people and friends we once knew before in a premortal existence, that each experience is for our greater benefit and growth. I love this gospel with every fiber of my being!

Sister Natalie Wilson





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