Miracles in the Making!‏


This week was the best!!

Ok so we have begun meeting with our friend nakamura San. But before our meeting, God has kept watch over this woman over fifteen years ago when she met a very sweet woman named michiko San. When we first met nakamura San, she told us how she was so intrigued by her friend michiko San and was so impressed with her and always felt like there was something special about this woman, and happily accepted invitations to attend church and eikaiwa a couple of times. Well fast forward fifteen plus years later, our dear friend nakamura San meets the elders and remembers going to our church, but as we ask around the ward to see if anyone knows nakamura Sans friend michiko, no one seems to know who she was, so we ask a misu kyodai because he literally knows everything and everyone. Well it was sister Watkins first time meeting misu kyodai and she introduces herself saying she’s from Minnesota and what not, and misu kyodai reminds me of Polynesians and can always make a connection to someone he knows from wherever you are from, so he proceeds to tell us about a family that used to live in Hachioji that moved to Minnesota and goes on about this family, well we finally get to asking misu kyodai if he knows this woman we are looking for, show him her kanji name and he says that’s the woman living in Minnesota with her family that he had just described to us!!! We learned more about this family with the help of misu kyodai and I came to find out that one of the sons of this woman was a friend of mine from byuh, we were both tour guides at pcc, crazy right! In God’s plan, there are no coincidences! Nakamura San was thrilled when we informed her of these crazy connections! So basically God has been preparing our friend nakamura San for a substantial amount of time but she loves learning about the gospel, she even attended one of our stake conference sessions, and loved it! If there is anything I have learned from this experience is, share your testimony and little seeds of faith with those around us, those seeds can harvest tomorrow or ten to fifteen years from now, but God makes sure they are never lost and one day they will be ready to harvest. I am so grateful for this woman, michiko San, whom I have never met but yet she had the courage and faith to share the gospel with a friend and perhaps at the time she was not yet ready, but because of this one woman’s faith her friend is now coming closer unto Christ.

Second spectacular miracle was we had a wonderful stake conference and were spiritually uplifted as we heard from president wada, elder yamashita (from the area seventy) and his wife sister yamashita, and our great stake president leaders. Each talk was so inspired and strengthened the faith of members, investigators, missionaries and less actives. This Sunday was extra special as one of my great friends, shimizu shimai came back to church for the first time in ten years. She was baptized ten years ago in her teens and due to daily life became less active and had not come to church for almost ten years. As sisters have taught her for almost a year or so, her faith as grown tremendously and this past weekend, she was able to put that faith into action and come to church. She was a little nervous being away for so long, not knowing what people would think of her, but as she came she was welcomed by the warmest and most loving of arms. Her old friends from young youth days, two of her friends in different stakes came and were able to talk and reminisce with her, she was glowing, it was such a beautiful sight to see! At stake conference elder yamashita talked, he told a story of a young lion who was raised with sheep, he ate and did as the sheep did, because he knew nothing else. As he goes to a pond to drink from one day, he sees his reflection and sees that he is not a sheep but is a lion and realizes he was not designed to do and be as a sheep does, but he is meant to be a lion. He realizes his true identity. Elder yamashita encouraged each of us to earnestly seek to understand our identity as spirit sons and daughters of the greatest creator in the universe. Just remember when you’re out in the world questioning who and who’s you are, know that you are a Lion, born of noble birth, with infinite and eternal potential. This week was wonderful, sister Watkins and I have been so blessed to witness great miracles in the lives of our friends. I love this gospel, and the amazing people I share it with everyday! Hank you for the prayers and love!

Sister Natalie Wilson

Nakamura shimai is so tiny, love her!

Sweet so chan
Wonderful stake conference with left to right(kitahara shimai, me, nakamura shimai,sis Watkins, Fukui shimai)
Left to right (sister Watkins, me, shimizu shimai, baby demos shimai) ten years since she has come to church, such a sweet and beautiful blessing and miracle!!! I love machida stake conference!!
My girl rei chan from Tama, I love my machida connectiosn!!!!
We look hash but got rained on so we made pancakes then put to much chocolate and sugar in the batter and it wouldn’t cook so we used the batter as dipping sauce…#missioncuisines at their finest
The mate elder watanabe








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