Seekers of Light and Truth

image4-20Summer may or may not be ending, but this week has surprisingly been a lil cold and rainy…..but our sunshine this week was some awesome lessons with nakamura shimai.

Nakamura shimai has been progressing tremendously, it’s been so wonderful to watch her grow! This week we had a great lesson with her in which we taught about the plan of salvation and she seemed to be accepting and understanding everything strangely well, a little curious as to why, she told us about a dream she had and the way she described it, it was as if she described the pre existence. She had this dream many years ago but she said she has always remembered it and thought about how she feels like we lived somewhere before we came to earth and this plan confirmed it. It was as if the light of the gospel was slowly seepin into her heart and beginning to illuminate.each time we met with her this week, she has expressed how learning about the gospel has brought an indescribable peace and light to her. She finds it hard to describe, but she expresses so much love and gratitude for the gospel and the change she has felt in such a short amount of time. As she spoke, it reminded me of a quote from elder uchtdorf that I love, “The more we incline our hearts and minds toward God, the more heavenly light distills upon our souls. And each time we willingly and earnestly seek that light, we indicate to God our readiness to receive more light. Gradually, things that before seemed hazy, dark, and remote become clear, bright, and familiar to us.” I have been so amazed at how prepared nakamura shimai is to learn and accept the gospel. Twenty something years ago, God introduced a sliver of light when michiko Christy shimai came into nakamura shimais life….he continued to shine light her way as many other missionaries over the course of years visited her, and she remembers them and not wantin to listen to what they had to say, but as we have been teaching her, she recognizes the light and truth that has begun to fill her life and has chosen to follow the example of the savior and be baptized next month on the third! We are excited for her and her decision!

One more quick miracle with nakamura shimai as we have been meeting her, we have been in contact with her friend michiko and she’s been amazing in offering support and told us of her sons who live in Tokyo and that she would like them to meet her. She knew these boys when they were only a few years old, but with the help of members, and a few calls and Facebook messages,she was able to reunite with them last night at a meal at the kitaharas and it was a glorious reunion! It was cool to see how in this life there truly are no coincidences, just moments in which we are able to truly see and recognize gods hand in our lives. I’m so grateful for the light and truth the gospel has brought to my life! In such a dreary world, I am so grateful for the light of the gospel illuminating the only path back to our Heavenly Father. This gospel offers eternal light and truth that will never fade or dim, I’ve watched it change lives from all climates, mine included. I’m grateful to be a messenger of light for the lord!

Sister Natalie Wilson

Two of my daughters lol my lil bundles of joy, the future leaders of the mission
Kitaharas shokuji…..whenever it’s a missionaries last shokuji, we spell out their name, the leaving missionary this time was elder sawyer…too much fun!!!!
From left to right (sis Watkins, nakamura Shimai, me, jamie, justin, and brother kitahara) ok so the two boys Jamie and justin are michikos sons, they grew up in Hachioji when they were very young so it was a great reunion for them to return to Hachioji and see members but even more for nakamura shimai to see her old time friends sons. Also side note, I actually met Jamie at pcc he was a Japanese tour guide when I was an mpg gotta love he #byuhconnections #PCC4ever #seasiders also….justin is a famousish model/rock star/TV personality kinda person lol….

The smolder….Justin tried to teach us….
Represent BYUH!
Attempt at modeling…..

IMG_1474 IMG_1478


IMG_1481 IMG_1483


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