Do You Remember…

Some of my favorite people, kobayashi shimai, probably one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met, her two sweet little angels kanon and yuna chan! They are so excited to be baptized this week, even if it doesn’t show in their faces lol!

Multiple musical notesMultiple musical notesToday is the 21st day of SeptemberMultiple musical notesMultiple musical notesMultiple musical notesMultiple musical notes(it’s probably still the 20th in America but it’s the 21st here in japan)

Well today marks the start of a new transfer, we received transfer calls on Saturday, I will be staying in Hachioji with sister Watkins, but another sister, sister law, will be transferring in so we will become a trio…I am excited to work with sister Watkins for another transfer and to work with sister law. These next two weeks are going to be pretty busy, but we’re ready to hit the ground running again.

This week our zone was going to go to the park where president Heber j grant dedicated japan for missionary work, and we were going to have an enos like prayer and re dedicate ourselves to the work, but it had been non stop raining and stormy, so a little disappointed we couldn’t go out to Yokohama, but we met as a zone here in Hachioji and modeled our prayer meeting after the one pres Heber j grant, alma o Taylor, brother kelsch, and brother ensign experienced. We began by seeking the lords guidance through personal prayer, then we prayed as a companionship, after that we then prayed as a district, and finally we prayed as a zone. It was an amazing testimony to me that one it doesn’t matter where you are, you can call upon the lord at anytime in any place for any reason and two that the lord truly hears and answers our prayers individually. We each left that meeting knowing exactly what the lord expects of us. It was a great reminder of what it means to pray with real intent. Also went on a split with cook shimai, way cool Tongan girl from Cali, it was great to work with and learn from her.

This week we met with yamauchi shimai, our recent convert, she’s solid and continuing to fan her flame of faith. She’s got a strong mind of her own, but it’s been a special experience to see the gospel change her nature and enlighten her life. We had a meal with a family here in Hachioji ward, the yamaokas, and they were so warm and welcoming to yamauchi shimai, she was so touched and after we went home she called us crying and telling us she has no idea why she cries so much, it’s ever since she came to church she feels so happy and cries a lot whenever she feels this joy. I continue to be amazed at the love God has for each of us and how he is able to touch our lives through the beauty of his creations, scriptures, prophets, and especially through friends. God has definitely worked through the members in Hachioji, they have been able to help these friends that I teach and touch their hearts in ways I would never know how, and for that I am forever grateful for their goodness.

We played ping pong with a sweet woman from China, k San. It’s kind of crazy how we came in contact. She met a woman named katou San a little over a week before we met her. I met katou San and she didn’t have any church interest but was interested in English so I invited her to eikaiwa and gave her a flier. Well I guess katou and k San went out to eat and somehow they talked and katou San wanted to check out the church for English, but k San had some English interest, but expressed interest in religion, so they randomly decided to come on down to church, we met them and k San is really interested in learning about Jesus Christ! God truly is preparing the hearts of so many people, so good!!!

This week our sweet little girls kanon and yuna chan will be baptized this Saturday, two days after transfers, and then nakamura San is scheduled to be baptized the following Saturday next week, so we are in for one crazy adventure! I love this gospel with all my heart and happy to proclaim it everyday! Thank you for all the love and support!


Sister Natalie Wilson

Shokuji at the tsukadas!!! With bro and sis tsukada, a couple of their children, grandchildren, four investigators, and one less active! Always good fun!
Bishops daughter ako chan got baptized today!!!

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