Baptisms and blessings‏



This week was filled with so many tender mercies and blessings. Our sweet friend Nakamura shimai chose to follow the example of our savior Jesus Christ and was baptized this Saturday. It’s been quite the journey with her, but all the trials and obstacles have made the joy of witnessing her conversion to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ all the more sweeter! Her friend from twenty years ago, sister michiko wanted to attend, but Minnesota is a bit too far, but before her baptism, we were able to Skype with her and talk about testimonies and conversion. We each bore simple testimonies of gospel truths that we knew to be true. At nakamura shimais baptism, she bore a simple but sweet testimony, it was wonderful! I love her and am so grateful for her testimony and example to me, she inspires me to continue seeking for more ligh and truth, that our conversion is an ongoing process and journey. Sister michiko’s sons, Justin and Jamie were both able to attend and it was so beautiful, we were so blessed to have both of them there, we sang how great thou art with them and as we sang, I reflected back on when we first met nakamura shimai I had just picked up Watkins shimai, she was a new bean, really jet lagged and falling asleep during the lesson, we experienced some highs as we saw nakamura shimais connection with sister Watkins and her old friend sister michiko who were both from Minnesota and how we were able to help reunite these two friends after years and she was able to meet her sons, but we also experienced some lows as nakamura shimai was tried with various other human weaknesses, but through it all we have come to see how truly great the lord is and how he numbers each of us, his children and is mindful of what each of us needs at the exact time we need it. I am amazed at the infinite love he has for each and everyone of us and have been blessed to feel a fraction of that love he has for those we teach. I am so grateful for these sacred experiences I can reflect on and recognize that the lords hand has been over these special people, he has kept every promise.

We have been blessed in abundance as the lord has guided us to people who are ready to hear our message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We have met two great Chinese women. One of these sweet souls is k San. We came in contact with her through a person I had invited to church, but she declined, but took our eikaiwa flier and k San saw it and had interest in English and Jesus Christ. She has expressed desire to learn more as we introduced her to Jesus Christ she was intrigued. We soon found out later that she is friends with two Chinese recent converts in takao. We look forward to continuing to meet with her. Another Chinese woman is L San, we met her on the train as law shimai talked with her and introduced the Book of Mormon. She was surprised and told us how her cousin has that same book in Kyoto.

She said she wanted to learn more. She came to church and had a pretty good experience, it’s different because there is a language barrier, but she felt something. After we had a short lesson with her. Throughout the lesson I felt so lost and a little bit like I was in my first transfer again trying to hurdle over the language barrier that seemed inescapable, but this time it was Chinese. Tried my best to help her understand anything about Jesus Christ and the restored
gospel but the language was a bit of a barrier, but in the lesson I felt alone and I didnt know what to say and it felt awful. Time was short and she had to leave, but I asked her if she would pray before
we ended, she was in a rush and was a bit skeptical, but we encouraged her and she agreed. As she began, I was still feeling crappy about not giving a good lesson, it was everywhere and I was afraid she would leave and not feel anything. As she continued to pray I couldn’t understand anything, but I felt the spirit stronger than I had ever felt before. The spirit was so strong in l sans prayer, I was honestly amazed. As she ended, we looked up and saw tears streaming from each of our eyes. I asked her what she felt and she said she had never felt anything like it. Truly the best lessons I walk away from are the ones when I know and can feel the spirit spoke louder and clearer than any of the words we spoke, I know that it was the spirit that spoke to her heart. She wants to continue to learn, she has many hard things but feels like she can be happier through Christianity, and man is she right!

I love is gospel and am thankful for each day, each hour, each minute, and moment I am blessed to spend sharing the lords gospel with the special people of Japan. I know that the lord is mindful of each of us individually. He knows each of us personally and through his infinite atonement our burdens are not taken away but we are strengthened and made capable of withstanding all the things and tasks that feel impossible. I’m grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is mindful and loves each of us and for a loving brother Jesus Christ who shares this joyful journey with me. Thank you for all the love and prayers!

Sister Natalie Wilson

P.s. No we have not watched conference yet, literally dying, but so
excited to hear from the prophets and apostles.#readyforRevelation




IMG_2014  IMG_2016

Mission leadership council with my faves eyring and gazzy





I love hearing about members mission experiences so Kosuge shimai shared her mission experiences complete with some old school film slides #NoSchoolLikeTheOldSchool



My girl nakamura shimais baptism!

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