General Conference Weekend IS THE BEST!!!!!

My favorites, Mashiko and Junko in the back. And the pure little Yuka. I was overjoyed to see them at conference. It has been almost a year next month since Junko was baptized when sister Padelsky and I worked in Tama. It was good to see her faith is stronger than ever and even Mashikos heart is starting to soften. And Yuka was radiating with the heavenly light that always surrounds her.


This week we finally were able to watch General conference and it was the best!!! Although it was sad to see three of the beloved apostles president packer, elder perry, and elder Scott not seated on the stand but was a treat to see e new apostles elders rasband, renlund, and Stevenson called. His past year our mission met elder rasband and elder Stevenson as they toured our mission with elder Ballard. So grateful for the blessing of living prophets and apostles and the opportunity we have to hear gods words through them. I love stake conference because it feels like a huge reunion all over the world and even within the stake. I was able to see so many of my beloved friends from Tama.

This conference was also extra special because our friend Lee from China came with us and at the stake center they were broadcasting it in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Portuguese so we were able to watch it with her in Chinese. It was such a special experience for her to hear it in her own native tongue. She said she felt a happy feeling the whole time and was touched by the beautiful music and the heartfelt messages she heard. She was so happy she came and met a recent convert from a neighboring ward who is also Chinese. No matter he language barrier we may have, the language of the spirit truly communicates to people’s hearts and feel of gods love. It was great to witness he power of the spirit work in lee’s heart is past conference weekend.

The lord is blessing us greatly with many prepared people on the streets and my companions and I are in awe of this incredible work of the lord. Each day has been different and has had its own individual challenges, but I am grateful to be humbled and have seen through spiritual eyes what the lord needs me to learn, what he expects of me, who he needs me to help, and giving me a glimpse of the kind of missionary and person he desires for me to become. I’m so grateful for this sacred privilege of laboring in the lords vineyard in the Japan Tokyo south mission. Thank you for all the love, support, and words of encouragement.

Sister Natalie Wilson

General conference in Chinese with mei mei chan and lee!!


My sweet friends from Tama. Sasaki shimai, hikaru shimai, and tomita shimai

Decided to take up elder durrants challenge and ponderize this verse of scripture. Mosiah 7:33 this week. As we trust the lord, serve him with a full and willing heart, and turn over our will to him, he can make so much more of our life than anything we could ever do. Through his grace we can be delivered from bondage, whether that be sin, personal weaknesses, grudges, whatever the pain or problem we may have as we turn our whole hearts over to him we are made whole. I loved how sister Marriott said through the breaking of our hearts before the lord and a contrite spirit we can have a whole and healed heart. Grateful that this gospel is a gospel of change and improvement that brings us closer to our savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.

Finding treasures this little guy flew and stayed with me‏

IMG_2113 IMG_2127 FullSizeRender-12IMG_2179 IMG_2140 IMG_2169 IMG_2131


Mormon helping hands with my fave Tongan toko cook shimai‏. We did service, called bike taxi. Bike old people to their homes…..struggle was real but rewarding!‏

IMG_2111 IMG_2047 IMG_2051 IMG_2052 IMG_2058 IMG_2061


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