Today was Temple Pday, ’twas a great day in the Tokyo temple! This week was really awesome, we had a special experience to hear from a member of the seventh, Elder Yamashita and his wife! He is a powerful servant of the Lord and has so much energy and passion for spreading the gospel! He and his wife talked about our divine calling and he and sister Yamashita really emphasized opening our mouths and trusting that the spirit will help us to know what to say. Sister Yamashita shared doctrine and covenants 33:8 “Open your mouths and they shall be filled, and you shall become even as Nephi of old, who journeyed from Jerusalem in the wilderness.” He encouraged us each to prayerfully ponder what more can we give to the lord when he is giving us all he has. As we talked elder Yamashita spoke wi power when he would ask us what is the lord doing for our investigators, as we recollected and saw how the Lord’s hand has guided our investigators long before we even had the chance to meet them. Each of them has had spiritual experiences that although completely different, can all be traced back to God and him guiding both of our paths to cross for them to hear the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that there are or ever have been coincidences in life, each event and experience in our daily lives has and is guided by the hand of the Lord. After our mission conference, we met with elder Yamashita as a mission leadership council. He talked with us and he spoke boldly but spoke with conviction when he told us we need to raise our vision, we can be seeing so many more miracles and even baptisms if we will push a little harder and really strive to see is work through God’s eyes. Not gonna lie, I felt a lot of pressure and a huge weight of responsibility, but I know I’ve been called of this work and a man called by God himself is exhorting us to stretch a little farther do more, and become more. Whom the lord calls, he qualifies, this truly is his work. We also then had a fireside in which we met with members of our ward and he spoke to the ward leaders and missionaries on how we can work together in accomplishing this great cause. This work does not move forward without the members help, I’m so grateful for their help and the power of faith and Christlike love they carry with them.

As we tried to apply elder yamashitas counsel on openi our mouths and talking to everyone, we have been blessed with some great miracles. As my companions and I went housing one day, we were getting rejected door after door and it was about time to head home for dinner and we were all pretty starved, but we saw one little apartment and decided why not. As we housed not one door answered, we decided to keep going and a woman finally answered, thrilled she said she would be willing to heart our message, she had no idea about God, but as we shared simple truths with her, we were excited when she said we could come again, it was a testimony that God really does bless us as we open our mouths, we find people who are ready to listen. Also this week we had a zone blitz and we worked with other missionaries from around the stake. one of my companions I worked with for the day was a young transfer two missionary, but she was fired up and so we made a promise that we would talk to everyone, unfortunately not everyone wanted to hear our message or wouldn’t stop, but as we met one high school aged student, we taught her about prayer and even prayed with her on the corner of a busy intersection and then right after that we met a young mom with her daughter that we found out had come to our church before and was happy to accept our invitation to come again. We put our trust in the lord and opened up our mouths and he blessed wonderful people along our path to talk to!

Last night we were housing and we housed into a couple of Nepalese that spoke little English, way crazy. They were these two kind of big guys with white tank tops and we don’t dendo guys so we were about ready to be on our way but trusted in the lord and invited them to hear our message and one of them we found out is actually really seeking to know Jesus Christ, many of his family are Christians but he has been so preoccupied but he recently felt like life is always so rushed and hard with work and everything and wants to know more about Christ and his teachings. He seemed happy to find out that that is literally our purpose as missionaries. Our new Nepalese friends bishnu and deepak will hopefully soon be meeting the elders…

This work is not easy but the joy that I have felt from being a missionary cannot compare to anything I have ever felt. I love this work and this gospel with all I have and I hope to follow Nephi’s example in 1nephi1:27. This is my ponderize scripture, as we open our mouths, the more natural it becomes to share the gospel and we are filled with The spirit to the extent that our mouths will not be shut as we declare this happy message to all. I love you all and pray for you!

Sister Natalie Wilson


These two are my favorite Heavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heartJapanese dolls

My friends Kanno shimai and ichikawa San. We met ichikawa San almost a year ago when this member Kanno shimai found her thru Facebook and we started teaching her, she has continued to learn and will be baptized next month.


Kenji San the best 70year old ever‏! He is the cutest little guy ever….and is gonna be baptized on the 31st halloween!!!!!!



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