Striving to be exactly obedient brings about miracles…Bishnu and Deepak came to church…‏



नमस्ते (Namaste) family!

This week I went on a split in Kofu with sister Shitami, a sweet nihonjin sister from Hokkaido, up in the north where my trainer is from. So kofu is literally half our mission it’s a massive area, so after a two hour train ride we went on a two and a half bike ride to visit an investigator, she is 87years old and can’t retain all the information she learns. We were only able to meet with her for about 30minutes but in such a short time we told her how much her Heavenly Father loves her and she beamed, I’m sure she felt something, so I hope she can retain what the sisters teach. It was a short time in kofu, but Im always grateful for the time I do have, it’s so peaceful and I always learn new things about dendo and how when you slow down and can take the time to make lasting impressions and connections with people, it changes the entire atmosphere. It’s so different from the city life of Hachioji, everyone is literally running from one place to the next, so it’s nice to get some variety when I visit the countryside in kofu. 幸福kofu literally means happiness.

This week we met with the Kurogi family, they have three of the sweetest little girls ever, they are so full of life and love to sing and dance. We taught hem the plan of salvation and they are 15,12,and 10 but boy were they teaching us. They are so young but you could tell their parents have instilled in them what matters most because they bore their testimonies of the blessings that come from the plan of salvation, it was wonderful. After meeting with them, we got to the train and realized we had only thirty minutes to get home, our train was about twenty minutes and our normal walk is abou twentyish minutes to walk home so we knew we had to run home to make curfew. We were so full, but thanks to our mission motto #obedienceistheprice we knew that we would has to run hard to make it home on time, so we said a quick prayer and took off running. We made it home with three minutes to spare. The lord definitely helped us to make it home on time, and although maybe it doesn’t always seem like it’s a huge deal to come home a couple minutes late, but one saying I know mom and dad always drilled in us was if you’re obedient to the small things, it will be so much easier to be obedient to the big things. I have come to understand that When obedience becomes a natural part of our instincts, I am genuinely happier because I know God is happier with me and our will’s are closer in alignment.

This past Saturday I was privileged to go with President and Sister Wada and one other sister, Sister Wright down to Hiro-o in the Japan Tokyo mission and be apart of a presentation about digital dendo. It was such a great experience, I was able to share my experience with online proselyting and how it has helped us to find those that are prepared to hear the gospel. I talked about my friend ichikawa who was found by a member through Facebook and how we used Facebook to find our recent convert, nakamura shimais Friend through Facebook and utilized Skype to help in the teaching process. Members have such a powerful influence when they invite others and utilize these technological tools as a modern day liahona to guide us and help us accomplish em lords work of salvation. We are the masters of the tool, don’t let the tool master you!….It was a great experience but a little interesting, we had to speak into a computer where it was being broadcasted to seven other locations in Sendai and he north mission. We spoke to all of the foreign wards living in Japan tokyo south stake area. Afterward I ate with president and sister wada, they are amazing examples to me and are nonstop hardworking mission parents. I’m grateful for the love and the blessing they are to all of us here in the Tokyo south mission, they truly care and pray for each of us. By the time they put me on a train it was 9:30, didn’t get home until 10:40ish, thanks to the mission schedule my body just shuts down after 10:30 so that was an interesting experience, also feels so out of place not to be with a companion on a train.

Although it was a late night, we went to church and our friend got sick and was not able to go to church and we were a little disappointed that she was unable to attend, but still prayed out of everyone we invited someone would be able to come to church, it was special to have the children’s program. During Sunday school, we got a call from our Nepalese friends deepak and Bishnu and they called telling us they could not find the church. We went out and found them and brought them to church just in time for sacrament. So Bishnu and deepak are the two Nepalese we housed into last week on Sunday and invited to church this week and deepak speaks some English and Bishnu poor thing can barely say or understand anything. But deepak always says (spoken in a Nepalese accent) “he wants to manage the learning of the Jesus.” Although they did not speak any Japanese and Bishnu not speaking English they felt the spirit through the children’s simple testimonies and songs. They were so touched that they said they will come next week. Having them come to church was such a sweet miracle! Despite cultural and language barriers, the spirit speaks to the hearts of all of gods children. I know that to be true! Grateful for the blessing of obedience and the miracles that are wrought about through it. We may not be prefect, but my companions and I have been able to see the little difference in striving to be even a little more obedient and live at a higher plane, live the higher law. Thank you all, for the love and support!

Sister Natalie Wilson

Shitami shimai and I on a long train to kofu and neatrly no one on the train
The cute Kurogi family!!!
Nothing like some curry to spice up your sabbath day
Pres and sis wada at the stake conference in hiroo




So at 10ish at night I had to take a train by myself and this is what I see as I’m sitting by myself

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