“If you can’t run from it, you might as well run with it.” -McCall Padelsky‏

In this mission we sprint to the end, don’t slow down, and serve the lord with all our heart, might, mind and strength! I wanted to ponderize two scriptures since I missed last week.

Each of us is in a race and that race we must run towards salvation and lay hold upon it, each of us is on a journey, as we look to Christ to lead us through our race we feel finish safely and be able to enjoy the greatest happiness, even salvation!



My favoritesHeavy black heartJapanese dollsimage2-30

Church with kouen she loves her Chinese Book of Mormon!

And the transfer calls are in…………..I will be spending my last transfer here in 八王子Hachioji!!!!! Yay! So relieved when I read that and my new companion will be sister Yano!!! Double the joy! Sister Yano is the cutest and sweetest nihonjin sister you will ever meet, I am so excited to work hard with her!

This week we focused a lot on finding new investigators and people to teach, sometimes it can feel discouraging and you’re not sure where all your efforts are going into when it doesn’t seem like people are ready to listen, but I’ve come to realize in the greatest times when my faith is tested, God blesses us to find those that are prepared to listen. This week I went to a mission leadership council meeting at the mission home and my companions worked in our area, when I came home they were thrilled to tell me that they met a man who was genuinely interested in the gospel, and said he would come to church. As missionaries we spend everyday inviting people to come and go be honest the majority of the people don’t show up, but this time, he came and since we don’t teach men, we got him set up with the elders which they talked for a few hours after church and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and a set up a time to meet again, it goes to show there are prepared people waiting to hear this joyful message!

As we have been trying to seek inspiration and understand where the Lord needs us to labor, we received a call from a woman who was seeking to learn English, we told her we could teach her half English, half gospel lessons, she agreed. We met with her not really knowing how the lesson would go, but as we met, we discovered she had met with missionaries previously and had many questions about God and prayer. It ended up being a great lesson and she even offered to pray at the end.

Happy Halloween!!! We had a spectacular Halloween party with the ward, about 130 people attended and a good 3/4 of them were not members so not only was it a good dendo opportunity for us, but for the ward too! It was so great to see our eikaiwa students and ward members mingling, they were able to help invite many of them to come to church! It was a hit!

His past Sunday, our good ol Nepalese friend Bishnu came again to church and had a great time! And then our Chinese friend kouen also attended and the elders investigator who is half Japanese half Sierra Leonian came to, so we had a nice lil mixture from all over the world It was great and such a blessing to see that the lord truly is mindful of all his children, no matter where they are from! At night we had a meal at the kitaharas and we invited Bishnu to come and he came with two of his Nepalese friends and it was probably the most interesting night of my mission. Between all the Japanese, Nepalese and English being spoken it was so interesting to see everyone mesh together. The Nepalese were speaking in Nepalese screaming “bindas” which means it’s all good every other minute, the elders eighty something year old investigator is speaking some super hard old Japanese, and another random man who found the elders looking for a thanksgiving feast and talking about American politics all night was quite the party…..literally I cannot even explain in words how funny and interesting it all was, but God makes it work and we were all filled with kitahara shimais cooking and nourished by the warm spirit they had within their home that night.

As I begin the first week of my last transfer here in Hachioji, I remembered some wise words one of my favorite companions taught me, when I talked to sister Padelsky about how she felt when she was in her last transfer here, she said, ” you can’t run from it, might as well run with it.” Sometimes I want to live in denial and pretend that my time here will never end, that I will get to continue my life of bliss bringing others to the knowledge of their savior, meeting incredible people who change my life on a daily basis (companions, members, investigators, less actives, random people on the street), learning more about he potential God has for all of his children, there is so much that I don’t want to ever end. My heart hurts to ever think of the day I will have to leave these wonderful people, so I’m not gonna lie to myself and say that my time here will never end, instead I will work hard and witness of a loving Heavenly Father and his beloved son Jesus Christ and sprint to the end sharing with the people of Japan of the divinity and truthfulness of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! I know for myself this gospel is true and offers everyone a never ending happiness if we will but open our hearts and come closer to Christ. I love being a missionary in the Japan Tokyo south mission, I’m grateful for each day of learning and growing and coming to know my savior better. Thank you for the prayers and love!
#DoItForThe伝道 #伝道OrDie

Sister Natalie Wilson

Part of the group I came with….
Elder Moa goes home.




Happy Halloween from Japan!!







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31 Flavors on the 31st

IMG_2521 IMG_2515

The Nepalese…deepak, kumar, and good ol Bishnu

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IMG_2581 IMG_2592IMG_2590 IMG_2599 IMG_2612



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