Who’s plan are you following?

Run in with Tsuya! *Love my lil companion sister Yano, we realized we had the same dress, but flipped…twinning at church +Dinner with one of my favorite families!!! Tsukada shokuji and Bishop akazawa and family


This week was great, we went on exchanges with the kofu sisters, but this time I stayed in hachiouji and got to work with sister B. She is a wonderful missionary and I learned a lot from her. We had a couple of lessons but had the rest of the night to dendo so we decided to go housing, this particular day sister B expressed a lot of worry and stress about working in her new area and how she was tryin to find her purpose for working in this new area. I prayed fervently that we would be in tune with the spirit to see miracles to strengthen this sisters faith. As we housed, it seemed as though the more and more we talked the faster we were getting shut down. We decided to pursue our course and were determined to find those that were ready to receive us. It was getting later about 8 pm after about an hour and a half and still no one was willing to listen, at this point we were filling a little desperate, we knocked on one door and were greeted by a bright face and as sister b invited her sincerely to hear our message the woman, hagiwara San,told us she was busy, thinking she was about to shut us down and close the door, we decided to ask if she would be willing to listen another day, she cheerfully agreed and promised to meet her the in two days, we were elated! We went to the next floor and were thrilled when anger woman happily accepted to hear our message and let us teach her right there at the door. We were taken back a little but shared and testified about the savior and how we can become eternal families through the plan of salvation. She was surprised and said its been awhile since she’s heard anything about Christ and told us we can come back anytime. I’m so grateful the lord hears prayers and is ready to answer and give us exactly what we need at the exact time that we will need it. Sister B and I both marveled at how god is so exact in his plans for each of us.

Later that week, my companion Yano shimai and I went back to visit
hagiwara San, but it seemed as though everything we had planned for
that day was falling through, we were determined and both felt that We should go visit her, we were running late and were quickly trying to meet hagiwara San at the time she set with us when we came to a stoplight and a woman turned around and looked strangely familiar, she saw me and came running up to me and asked if I remembered her. I knew I had met her but to be honest at first I couldn’t remember where, but then it dawned on me where I had seen her, I had taught her English in Tama. She was a devout Buddhist but said how she respected the church and the good it teaches. As we walked a short while together she began asking me if I remembered the nativity scene we had reenacted at our Christmas eikaiwa party last year and she began saying how she will never forget the experience and the fun she had learning about Jesus Christ. Our talk was brief but as we parted, we gave her a simple pic of Jesus Christ and testified that he is gods son and through him we can be better happier people. As we parted and went to visit hagiwara San it was a half an hour past and she wasn’t home. I was a little disappointed we didn’t get to visit hagiwara San but sister Yano and I talked about how for some reason God needed us to talk with an old eikaiwa student. If we had left earlier or if every plan before had went through there is no way we would have met up with tsuya San, my old eikaiwa friend and share a little bit about Christ.

As sister Yano and I talked about this week we realized how all of our plans had changed, and talked about as missionaries almost all of our plans have changed it is a very very rare occasion in which I have done exactly everything on my daily schedule and when I was a younger missionary I thought if we did not accomplish and doing everything wrote down on our daily plan how I felt like we had messed up, but I have come to understand that despite our weaknesses and faults as humans when we don’t follow the plans we have designed for ourselves and instead follow a greater and grander plan created by a perfect being, God himself, we are doing everything exactly right. Sister Yano and I have had so much learning more about gods greater plan for us and sharing it with all of our friends here in hachioji! God truly directs this work and our paths to find and meet all of his beloved children who are ready to listen to his great plan of happiness. I love being a missionary here in the Japan Tokyo south mission and being a small part of the greatest plan ever known to man! Thank you for all the love and support!!
Sister Natalie Wilson



One thought on “Who’s plan are you following?”

  1. Hello my dearest Sis. Natalie Wiison, Just wanted to let you know how much your Papa and I are so proud of you and the glorious work that you are doing in Japan! You are always in our prayers and thoughts. Your testimony is so awesome, thank you for sharing it with our brothers and sisters in Japan! We miss you and look forward to seeing you soon.
    May our Heavenly Father bless you and keep you safe!


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