Fasting Miracles…



My Favimage3.JPGKonnichiwa!

This week has been a special one for the Hachioji district. We fasted together with a couple of ward leaders and as a result saw some incredible miracles. Sister Yano and I started off the week of fasting and we decided to visit a lady who told us we could come back. To our dismay, she was not home so we decided to house around her area. We were trying our best to get people to listen to our message but people were quick to turn us down, but sister Yano and I decided instead of telling them about the happy message we were sharing, we would show them and help them to feel the happiness. So we happily knocked another door and without looking too creepy turned up the happy meter and finally an old man came out to talk to us instead of talking to us through the sound boxes everyone was rejecting us through. He was a typical Japanese man and we simply told him we wanted to share a message of happiness with him. He looked at us very skeptically and asked ‘are you actually happy?’ We happily replied yeah we were, we told him we were so happy we wanted to tell him about how much God loves him. We began teaching him and he seemed to shoot down everything we said, but as he shot down everything, the strangest thing happened, we didn’t feel upset or get angry or frustrated with him, we simply continued to teach him about God and how he loves each of us individually. Slowly he began to listen more intently and we could feel the spirit. Finally we asked him if we could pray and after teaching him at the front door he said it got cold, after he had been talking to us for an hour, we asked him again and again he said no with another excuse that we didn’t have the same God. We told him he can feel gods love as we prayed with him he was still skeptical but agreed. We prayed together and we asked him if he had ever felt gods influence he said he thinks he did but after praying he said he felt something. I know that that day of fasting we were able to focus more on helping feel the spirit more in our dendo and in this small encounter with yamamoto San we were able to help him also feel the spirit. The power of fasting is a real thing!

Continuing with the week of miracles we set out to visit a really less active woman which we knew nothing about, but another member asked us to visit her. As we went to her house, she was not home and so we looked through our area book to see if anyone was within a close distance that we could follow. My attention was directed to a name I had never heard before, after being here for nearly six transfers I knew all the active members and most of the less actives we worked wi or know fairly well, but one name caught my eye that I hadn’t heard of. Ishikawa shimai was about a five minute walk, a name I didn’t recognize so we prayed and felt good about visiting. Ishikawa shimai answered and was amazed that we knew where she lived, she had recently moved and didn’t tell hardly anyone but invited us in, but we were quickly hustled out. She wanted to talk to us but due to her family’s struggles she couldn’t talk inside her home. We went to a nearby park and she told us of many struggles and trials she had  been having, she said she missed church and wants to return but with her family she has other important obligations and she cannot leave her home ever, today was a rare case in which she could leave. She cried and we shared scriptures to strengthen her and left with a prayer. It was a great experience to know that sometimes we think we are following a plan, but when our plan averts and leads us another direction and we follow, we are aligning our plan with the lords. On this day we nought we needed to visit one less active, but God needed us to visit an entirely different woman. I know gods plan for each of his children is exact and he guides us at the exact moment and time that he needs us to help another.

So recently the investigators we have been working with have expressed that their desire to learn English is stronger than their desire to learn the gospel and has been a trial of patience for sister Yano and I. We have been praying to know how we can help them and because of this great week of fasting we received the guidance we needed. With one of our investigators we decided to listen with love and help her to feel the power of the spirit through prayer. She expressed a lot of struggle and pain due to discrimination of her children, we explained to her how we belong to gods family and always have a place and identity in his family and as she listened and didn’t focus on her desire of learning English, she prayed fervently and felt the spirit so much she cried, it was an answer to our prayers. With another investigator she refuses to talk in Japanese with us even though her Japanese is a lot better than English. But we taught with our all star member sister kitahara and she told her beautiful conversion story in English and our investigator sato San was astonished. As we taught her about the restoration my amazing companion is shy about her English even though she is amaZing she felt the spirit and bore a beautiful testimony in English and shared the whole first vision in perfect English, the spirit was so strong! Yano shimai is my hero, she doesn’t let anything stand in her way not even language barriers and she bore a beautiful testimony of the restoration and the true message we share, I know her testimony changed sato sans heart. After she bore her testimony I was reminded of this scripture d&c 42:6, “6 And ye shall go forth in the power of my Spirit, preaching my gospel, two by two, in my name, lifting up your voices as with the sound of a trump, declaring my word like unto angels of God.” I’m grateful for this special experience to do the work of angels with my wonderful amazing companion sister Yano. Grateful for the power and happiness this gospel brings to all of his children especially those in the land of the rising sun! Loving and living this wonderful missionary journey! Thank you for all the love and prayers!!!
Sister Natalie Wilson
Best friends ❤ did a training together and wanted to be in sync with the spirit and win clothes lol
Machida west zone

Taught Yano shimai how to bake cookies, she was amazed that we roll them into balls and they come out flat, it’s the little hints that make me never want to leave this place. It was the cutest thing in the world!!!!image4-28






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